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A friend of mine is building a good pc for gaming, my current PC is 3 years old with Asus III Crosshair, ATI Radeon 5xxx HD, and AMD Phenom II x4 and i can still run almost everything at max settings so i suppose nowdays you can get a better PC for $700-$850 budget? i am not much into hardware so i need somehelp on getting the best parts that worth their money.
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  1. Which Phenom II x4 do you have? There are 4 or so.
    Also what PSU do you have? And RAM?
    But with that budget you can probably get everything your motherboard can handle OR you could switch to Intel. They have the best CPU's at the moment and still have enough money for a graphics card update
  2. I am not switching nor upgrading, i am helping a friend building his machine from the scratch i was just mentioning my hardware to give an example.
  3. Oh ok then.
    With that budget, and assuming your friend needs literally everything, i'd go for something like:
    ->i3 2100 cpu
    ->gigabyte ga-h61m (if he doesent need the overclocking.if he does get a p67)
    ->HD 6750 GPU. I like Sapphire and XFX but that's personal opinion
    ->antec true power 500watts
    ->either 2x2gb or 2x4gb DDR3 1333Mhz. I like Kingston for cheap and reliable
    ->Your choice on case and optical drives. I like the CM690 case

    I'm not sure about prices but I think that's within the budget
  4. I check the prices that is around $450, that's half the budget :P i think we can get much better stuff, what about an Asus Crosshair V Formula and a 6 core processor or something? i personally think that most of the money should be spent on the motherboard and the processor anything else can be easily upgraded\replaced but i am not sure if that is right its only my opinion.
  5. That's only half? Awesome then.
    Instead of i3 get a i5 2500k, a z68 chipset motherboard (once again I prefer gigabyte) a better PSU (corsair makes good ones) and 8GB Corsair RAM. If you still have money to spend maybe get a 7950 (this might be a bit expensive tho).

    You seem to like AMD based computers. That's fine and I like them too but at the moment there's nothing better than Intel CPU's for gaming. They have the best ones on whatever price range
  6. That's true i love AMD based systems for some reason, me and everyone i know are having AMD processors and they are all working pretty good can't say i tried high end Intel processor so i won't judge them.
  7. Change the 6870 to a 7870 and power supply to a corsair tx650w and you are done.
  8. Personally I think it's cheaper to buy the parts on stores and mount it yourself but I could be wrong
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