starcraft is the goat

starcraft is the goat
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  1. 350 will get you a cpu and motherboard, but nothing else. You need to save up another 200 dollars.
  2. Well I built a computer for £370 that runs everything ok. I dunno about the prices in America though. Also something like that won't exactly run all the latest stuff at max settings. If you're wondering, its a £30 ASUS M4A78 LT M LE, Athlon ii 455, 4 gigs of cheapo Corsair DDR3, 500 gig hard drive, 500watt OCZ StealthXStream, a dvd drive, cheap case (like £10) and windows 7. The graphics card was a GTS450 DDR3 (I would steer away from one though the bandwith is horrific compared to the DDR5 ones)
  3. The following kit will cost you $259 excluding the $10 mail-in rebate and any potential taxes. Free shipping. That leaves you with $100 for the video card.

    You can buy the following Radeon HD 7750 for $110 + 7 shipping. That will put you $17 above your $350 budget. But it is really the best performing card you can buy with a low budget.

    Otherwise get the slower Radeon HD 6670 for $93 excluding the $20 mail-rebate + 7 shipping.

    The following review has benchmarks of the two mentioned video cards. Read it if you need help to decide whether going $17 above your $350 budget is worth getting the HD 7750. I think it is.
  4. Blahman11 said:
    Well I built a computer for £370 that runs everything ok. I dunno about the prices in America though.

    Yeah, well based on today's currency exchange rate £370 translates to $586.81.
  5. jaguarskx said:
    Yeah, well based on today's currency exchange rate £370 translates to $586.81.

    Right, yeah my bad. But isn't a $110 gpu worth £110? You can get a HD7750 over here for 110 quid.
  6. busterblue52 said:
    Basically i need your guys help... It needs to be around 300 i can go to 325. I was hoping some of you can post a complete build off newegg that would play games well. I would go 350$ if you find a good graphics card. I already have a 23 inch monitor and a keyboard/mouse. Any help would be appreciated im really looking forward to ordering all the parts today and getting rid of my 10 year old computer.

    Not sure if you can get to a microcenter or not, but the 960T + MB at $99 is the best value for a $300 build.

    At newegg, that will cost you $188, $124 for the cpu and $64 for the free motherboard.
  7. starcraft is the goat
  8. That is all you need... assuming you have an operating system to install.

    If you do not have an OS, then you need to purchase one. You can buy an OEM version of Windows 7 for $100. OEM basically means you can only install the OS once. If you need to re-install it on the same PC (for whatever reason), then you will need to call Microsoft so that they can unlock the product key for you to re-install Win 7.

    The retail version allows you to re-install any number of times without having to bother calling Microsoft for permission. It costs $190.
  9. starcraft is the goat
  10. starcraft is the goat
  11. I don't want to sound rude but if you are not sure about needing an "OS" you may consider having someone locally that is a friend and has the time and knowledge assist you before trying to buy, build and configure your own computer from ground up.
    Simply mishandling a motherboard can easily damage it as seen in many motherboard reviews on Newegg where the person complains about 3 DOAs or other failures when really it is just a lack of knowledge on the user's part.

    WOW will play on almost anything but for decent graphics and decent frame rates.
    Will do a very nice job at $54 (minus a $20 rebate) for games like WOW.

    If you are looking for a video card with a bit more power for some of the newer 1st person shooters see the $100 mentioned above in an earlier post.

    Other considerations:
    Windows XP is fine for WOW with 4 GB RAM (XP 32bit can only use about 3.5 GB MAX) but if you go with Windows 7 64 bit WOW runs very smoothly with 8 GB of RAM even while running other basic applications.

    (little background)
    I've run computer repair/service centers, custom build all my computers and play WOW almost everyday.
    World of Warcraft really doesn't need the resources that some games demand but if you are able to get above the 30 fps with the graphics set at MAX it is awesome from beautiful landscapes, to water that almost looks real all while playing PVP with no lag.

    Good Luck but don't rush in...take your time making your choice.
  12. For a operating system you can download Windows 8 Consumer Preview for free and run it till next Jan before you have to purchase a licence key.
  13. No programs work on it though,...
  14. amuffin said:
    No programs work on it though,...

    Any proof? I personally have yet to use it but I've seen a number of people running it as their primary OS already, and I ran the early version of Win7 as a main OS without any major problems before it's release.
  15. amuffin said:
    No programs work on it though,...

    What can't you run on W8? I'm currently running Photoshop CS5, Lightroom, SolidWorks, Quickbooks, Picasa, & Chrome on both a AMD & Intel systems with WIndows 8 no problems. Both Nvidia & AMD have Windows 8 drivers.
  16. busterblue52 said:
    Can you explain to me what a OS does and is there a really cheap one i can get or would that just ripoff my computer...

    The OS allows you to use the computer plain and simple. Without an OS you are basically staring at a blank screen with an error message which basically tells you that there is no OS installed.

    busterblue52 said:
    MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3 That is what i currently have on my computer is there anyway i can get it the new one for free or is it gonna cost money ether way.

    If you have a pre-built PC from like Dell or HP, then there is no way you can transfer the OS to another computer. You must have a retail Windows XP install disc to install Windows XP on a new computer.

    As it has been suggested, you can use Windows 8 Consumer Preview for the moment so that you can save up money to buy an OS like Win 7.
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