PC powerts up but w/Black screen, no beep

I have a 6 year PC that I built, upgraded and updated over the years that I use primarily for gaming and photoeditting. It was running fine on the last use before shutdown. Tried to power up last night and while the fans all turned on, I got a black screen, no beep,...nothing nothing. Sounds at powerup like an attempt to read the HD maybe 5-8 times , then the sound of the fans only and only ever a black screen. The video card was replaced/upgraded 2 years ago along with upgraded memory. Nothing else has been touched recently. Looked inside, resat everything just in case. Same result. Tested the monitor on another system and it works fine. Any ideas? Is it time to buy a new system?
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  1. try swapping the video cards and see if you get signal
  2. I tried putting in an older graphics card yesterday eve, same result. I never hear a beep from any powerup or reboot and no post...nothing, just fans starting up
  3. kal. sound's like a motherboard issue.

    are they case fans or?

    case fans are sometimes plugged directly to the psu and not motherboard ( i know mine are i installed them)
  4. Thanks Shanky...I was afraid someone would say this :/ But I guess 6 years was a good go at it.

    The fans are plugged directly into the PSU :/...there are three...they all seem to come on at the same time and keep running. I looked at the motherboard and didn't see any obvious warping but I know this isn't necessary for there to be a problem there:/. Hopefully the hard drive isn't fail too...:/ I will see if I can access the HD files tonight now that I have a spare PC to do some testing with.
  5. maybe there's an short circuit or maybe an stress on bench.. and main board not seated properly try to disassemble then assemble it make it seated properly.. try to primary memory and vga card and other PCI card..
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