CPU just started smoking! And now goes to 100 degrees with ease. Help!

I just reinstalled windows and installed a new BIOS.
my friend also changed my memory times to 4-4-4-12 because I am using DDR2 4GB.
I started my usual programs like anti virus ect onto the computer.
I checked my CPU temps to see how everything was going. It was about 50 degrees during desktop and I have two noctua fans blowing onto a stock intel CPU cooler. I also have 3 other Cooler Master fans in my Coolermaster Scout case.

I started running Prime and the temps got to 70 degrees at 100% load. They remained there for 5 minutes. Me and my friend went to the shop while it was running to get a drink, we was gone for about 20 minutes. I thought the PC would be fine since loads of people run Prime for 48 hours ect. And the temps remained at a stable 70 degrees.

However when I returned my PC was turned off. We turned on my PC and my friend detected "smoke" coming from the back fan and it gave off a bad smell of buring. I toke to cooler off the CPU and checked for anything wrong and everything seemed fine apart from the smell.

My PC would not turn on at first, but after a few attempts it turned itself back on. However, now the temps are at 80 degrees when the computer is on Desktop even with all my fans blowing at it. We tryed prime for like 5 seconds quick just to see what would happen and when it reached 8% load the temps went straight to 100 degrees we so turned off prime instantly and turned off the PC, toke to headsink off to check.

The heatsink was extremely hot and so was the CPU, but still not sign of anything bad. There seems to be an acceptable amount of thermal paste too. But my friend suggerted adding more. But I think there is alot more too it that just adding more paste because it was perfectly fine before running Prime.

Please help me :(!
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  1. Paste should be thin not thick. It's just there to fill the minor grooves/pits on the surface.
  2. Wrong voltages is my first thought
  3. I have a couple of questions:

    1. What CPU do you have

    2. Is it overclocked

    3.What thermal paste are you using

    4. Can you show us a picture of the cpu after the thermal paste was applied.
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