Home build for bf3 !

i just wanna get something off my chest. all those people who say that a fx 4100 chip sucks, i beg to differ !! here is my rig:

fx 4100 chip
gigabyte mobo 970a-ud3
WD 250 gb HDD
MSI 560 video card
8gb of g skill sniper ram 1600mhz

all of this running on a samsung 24'' widescreen @ 1920x1080. and bf3 is on high settings. no glitches or nothing. intel is way overpriced and the amd fx 4100 chip rocks!!
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  1. Cool story bro
  2. im not knocking intel at all, i just dont see why spend 300 bucks on a i7 when you can get the same production from amd for half the cost.
  3. If that's all you do with your cpu and your happy than im happy for you...but, your cpu doesn't stand a chance against an i7 in other application that would take advantage of its threading and better architecture like media editing. For some people the extra money is worth the extra performance
  4. i understand that, like i said im not downing the intel product at all. but people say this chip sucks, but they have no way to back it except for whats on paper. i have proof in front of me and it does rock this bf3 really well. as for multi tasking i dont know, dont do a lot of that.
  5. Thanks for this. Makes me feel a bit better about downgrading my 2600k to a chip of this matter. I don't see why people say they suck. You cant go wrong with the price/ performance gap of amd. But for just gaming and less demanding tasks the AMD chip is the best idea. If you need encoding and heavy workloads then intel is a better choice.
  6. The reason why you are getting good fps on fx because in single player, bf3 needs raw gpu power and cpu power doesn't matter. But if you are playing it multiplayer, your cpu will lag behind.

    But good for you !
  7. real smart build

    BF3 is so graphics intensive its a waste of money to use a top end processor and then skimp on the graphics card .
    If its in your budget get the Asrock 970 Gen4 mb . That lets you SLI or crossfire at a later stage if you wish
  8. i can sli or crossfire with my board now. and i get wonderful fps in multiplayer. i dont touch single player ever!
  9. Unfortunately you won't be able to sli your 560 because AMD mobos dont support that unless you have a nvidia chipset for your southbridge. You can still crossfire although your limited to x16/x4 to your pcie bandwidth.
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