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VRAM Question - 460 GTX SLI vs GTX 570

I'm building a new mid range gamin rig and was all set to throw my money down on an MSI Twin Frozr III (1280 MB), and SLI it down the road when it was needed. However, after doing some research it appears that a few games out currently are able to reach this VRAM cap which would start to cause performance issues.

I have an old GTX 460 that I could throw into my new setup, and I could purchase another one for SLI for the performance boost. I know this doesn't increase my VRAM to 2 GB, but I wanted to get your guy's opinions. I've always had fantastic luck with Nvidia and was looking to stay with them. Is it time to go ATI?

Do you think it makes sense to SLI 460s now, and if new Nvidia models pop up to 2 GB, go with them? I'll probably be playing BF3/MW3 initially and will definitely be playing MMOs (GW2, SWTOR, etc...) I know there is a 2 GB EVGA GTX 570 out, but it runs at about $400 whereas the GTX would be less than half the cost.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. if you already have a 460 then sli it, although you may benefit from the extra ram sometime down the road (when considering much more expensive models), the 460s in sli is a far better value imo
  2. It only depends on what resolution you are playing at. But wait a little until the new cards come out!
  3. ^the NV 6 series likely will not be out til Q2 of 2012, that's a long time to wait imo considering that your going to have to wait another 2-3 months after that for the aftermarket models...

    and personally I'm just done with reference design, especially after the success Ive had with the ASUS DCII GTX 560TI
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I'd be playing at 1920 x 1080, so nothing real extreme.

    Perhaps this is a better option, and SLI when needed?

    I'm just trying not to cripple myself here.
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    ^thats a great card but I still think buying a second 460 is a much better value, you will end up spending a lot less in the end and still have relative 5970 (or better) performance,

    either way you will have a killer setup, goodluck and have fun
  6. Thanks. Appreciate the input!
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