Which computer should I buy?

Looking for something that will last, but still performs at a good value. Don't want to spend too much but don't want to lose too much on performance either. Mainly looking to be able to game (World of Warcraft) without any issues. Performance over graphics for me, but of course, it would be nice to have graphics.

There's this:


5 other customized HP ones in this screenshot:

Which one is the best one to buy at the best value?

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  1. You can play WoW on any of those computers. Good thing you're not looking for graphics because none of them are worthy of real gaming graphics. Performance-wise the $609.99 with the I5-2400 offers the best performance.
  2. I would say go with the i3 or i5 computers
  3. How much would I be losing out on buying the $400 AMD vs. the $500-$600 intel ones?
  4. Yeah, it seems like it's basically down to the $400 AMD, $519 i3 or the $609 i5, but still not sure on which one gives me the most value to performance ratio. And would any of these prices drop if I wait for the Ivy bridge to come out? I'm not looking to get an Ivy bridge right now, but am wondering how much the other prices would go down when the Ivy comes out.
  5. Dude, just grab the Intel one. AMD is ok, but in the long run Intel is gonna keep you from having to tweak your performance and saving you money.....
  6. Well, summer or fall of '13 I'll be buying a high-end laptop, so this is just something I want to have until then and hopefully survive longer so I can keep it at home. My last desktop has stopped functioning so I'm looking for a replacement until I buy that high-end laptop.
  7. Also, I have 4GB (2x2) Kingston DIMM2 that I bought a few months ago, would I be able to put that in on these computers or would there be issues?
  8. These use ddr3. I seriously suggest you build your own system such as this 600 dollar build I have: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/333749-31-muffin-dollar-gaming-build
  9. I would build my own system, but I'm not looking to use this computer seriously for longer than a year, year and a half. $50 difference between the i5 and the i3 with all other specs pretty much the same, is that worth it? And how much less worth it is it to buy the $400 AMD to save $100-$200?
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