3930k and pcie 3.0

Hi folks,

I am running 64 bit Xubuntu Gnu/Linux on a machine based around an Intel 3930k and Intel DX79si board with an updated BIOS. My GPU is a PowerColor 7970. Everything should be capable of running on PCIe 3.0; however, I only seem to be able to detect 2.0 capability. Message board chatter is inconclusive but hints at the possibility that the SandyBridge-E processors are not capable of running PCIe 3.0. Does anyone have any additional insight?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Well I don't know, but the 7970 can't even fully utilize pcie 2.0. Basically pcie 2.0 isn't even saturated by the 7970, so it shouldn't matter.
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