My friend hear a lot of noise of my mic when i talk to him on skype.

I bought my pc 3 months ago, it was working fine. Few days ago, my friend told me that a lot of noise comes from my mic when i call him on skype. So i tried 3 different mics but my friend still observed noise. So now what is the solution of my problem ? I have already spent 1000$ on my pc and i don't want to spend any more money on it. My motherboard model is Intel DH67CL.I even don't know in which category to put this question. Sorry for my english

Thanks in advance
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  1. How noisy is your room? How many fans are you running on your PC? Have you set the pickup volume lower to prevent reverbs? Turn your speakers down part way to prevent feedback, or move the speakers so they aren't close to the mic.
  2. Is boost turned off?
  3. Go into the skype microphone settings turn off automatically adjust and drag the bubble very close to the left hand side.

    I had the same problem with all my friends. As well with a sub $100 mic you will most likely hear some background noise no matter what but the above solution will reduce it.
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