For my build, where do i start

I have this motherboard
8gb DDR2 ram
radeon hd 6850 2gb
1tb caviar hdd
windows 7 ultimate x64

Where should I start when looking for a cpu?
The motherboard narrows it down to any Athlon, Phenom, or Sempron, but out of those which is THE best?

Budget- $150

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  1. When deciding on a CPU, it's usually best to start with what you want to do with your pc. Day-to-day surfing and email is a whole different ball game compared to pc gaming or video editing, CAD, etc. So let's start there: what are you looking to do with this?

    Using the CPU support list for this board at, it looks to me like you can go as high as a Phenom II x4 or a Phenom II x 6 with the newest Bios. Correct me if i'm wrong on that. These should be very solid day-to-day cpus. For Example, the Phenom II x4 from your list is $124.99 on new egg and well within your budget.
  2. Sorry i forgot to mention that, i will be gaming mostly, and running eyefinity on three monitors. so i would want the highest preforming cpu possible ^.^

    how is the Phenom II X6 1045T?
  3. What are you upgrading from?
  4. AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 ghz is my current one
    dual core :V

    (ignore my signature, that's what someone suggested to me)
  5. phait103 said:
    i will be gaming mostly, and running eyefinity on three monitors.

    kelthic's suggested Phenom I X4 965 (3.4Ghz plus OC'ing) is a better choice over the Phenom II X6 1045T 2.7GHz.
    4 cores @ 3.4Ghz (plus OC) trumps 6 cores @ 2.7Ghz in gaming.

    For Eyefinity - a single HD 6850 isn't going to get the job done.
  6. Ok.......the Sig had me wondering....
  7. "they" said a single 6670 wouldn't run anything in eyefinity, though i was able to play gta iv and crysis on lowest settings without lag/stuttering..
    thanks for the help on the cpu's too, i would have thought a 6 core beats a 4 core any day
  8. phait103 said:
    i would have thought a 6 core beats a 4 core any day

    That's correct. Depending on the respective clocks, instructions per clock and number of cores, 6 cores would tend to give more instructions per second than 4 cores ....

    ... however, WR2's advice was regarding 4 faster cores for gaming rather than 6 slower cores ... because games don't tend to utilise 6 cores well. The GPU is king and 4 CPU cores are enough, or more than enough, for most currently available games. The future may change that, of course. ;-)
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