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Lot of people say the sabertooth z77 is one of the best , others ithats overpriced and we can get the same features with the less budget. What you guysthink when it comes to price/efficiency to a mobo that is up to date for todays necesitties .
Ive chossen the extreme 4 from asrock , but other people comment the extreme 6 its more complete, the gigabyte ga z77x its a really good choice aswell .
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    No, the Sabertooth is a ridiculous waste of money - it's a mid-end board for a high end price tag. What are you paying extra for? Insulation! (Yeah, the thermal armor does nothing but make the board hotter; what did you expect?)

    If you want a high-end board, buy a REAL high end board.

    If you want a budget board, I reccommend the Gigabyte z77x-ud3h, or the AsRock Extreme4... though the Extreme6 is a decent bit better than either of those if it doesn't break the bank.
  2. What do you mean by gaming ?
    Do you plan to do a SLI/Crossfire setup ?
    The asus sabertooth is overpriced, either the asrock extreme 4 or the gigabyte z77x-d3h has two pcie 3.0 slots with sli/crossfire support, the same as the sabertooth.
    In terms of power phases between the asrock and gigabyte, the asrock extreme 4 has more, it got 8.
    There's no differences between the extreme 4 and 6, for gaming or oc, both got the same pcie slots running at the same speeds, and the same power phases.
    So the asrock extreme 4 is your best choice.
  3. When choosing a motherboard you have to base your decision off of what you plan to do with your PC in terms of other parts. No motherboard will actually perform better in gaming, video editing, anything. Think of the motherboard as a harbor and the other PC components as ships. The ships can transport goods, attack, defend, etc. The harbor just gives them the room they need.

    All a motherboard really does is give you room to put components in. A good gaming motherboard would be one that supports SLI/Crossfire, but that is just about it.

    In conclusion, go with the Asrock Extreme 4.
  4. Yeah im going with the extreme 4 but a friend told me the gigabyte z77x UD3H has more ports and things , so like i doubt a bit about the extreme4 . Thank you very much guys for helping me ( Specially DarkSable)
  5. Extreme 4 has 4 SATA III ports, and 4 SATA II ports, the sata III ports of the asrock by asmedia are faster.
    The extreme 4 has also more power phases than the gigabyte.
    The extreme 4 has everything you need.
  6. The Asrock extreme 4 (+1)
  7. I have to agree that the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 is about the best price/performance board you are going to find.
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