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I am currently motherboardless...
I had a gigabyte 970a am3+ board with efi bios. The bios is what went bad on it and wouldnt restore my lan driver. I have it being rma'd but I do not want to keep using this bios i feel like it is very old.

my system specs are:

phenom x II black ed quad core
750 watt gold psu
radeon sapphire 7950 3g gpu
8g 1600 g-skillz ram

i've looked into what my best option would be right now and i seriously cannot make a decision.

One part of me wants to eventually upgrade to a vischera cpu while it may be better to just keep the quad core i'm running.
All i want to do is play games and watch movies on my computer is it so much to ask :(

the money i would spend on an fx board comes close enough to $200+ I am being told by some people to just switch to intel and spend around 300

what should i do?

1. get cheap new mobo with uefi bios
2. get fx board to eventually upgrade to fx processor
3. go intel

please give me feedback and options there are so many choices
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  1. For the X4 get a cheap board with 970 chipset.
    For upgrade to a FX piledriver cpu, get a mobo with 990FX chipset, there're some within 120-150$.
    If you want intel get an i5-3570k + cheap z77 mobo, there's a good one, and it's cheap, the asrock z77 pro 3.
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