I can't get to win7

I can't get to win or even when i turn up pc it first spin fan then stop then start it come to bios and also freeze in bios using dvi from gfx
PC is 2500K and P8Z68-V Gen3 mobo rest is same as my old. It come to win boot but don't start to show win7 logo after that all freeze (same keyboard) when i restart it it first turn off completly and then start. If i press repair win7 it load that (progress bar) and then freeze (sometimes even don't load it ) and i tried to fresly install win7 but even that don't come to install menu. Should i change something in bios ? i set ram to 1600(in bios show 1648) and timing on auto 9-9-9-24 1 probably on EDIT: 1.668 on auto if i hold MEM TEST button it write mem test load is ok. Is strange allways i turn on PC it laudly beep (once) and led near memtest it light red for 3 s and is normal that button to turn on pc on mobo is allways red ?

Or should i clear CMOS ? i read on this forum if i clear it iPC won't OC so good
Edit: Now even freeze in bios after 20s when i turn on pc
Now it finally load win7 logo but after that i get BSOD and idk't what it write coz pc reset immediately

CPU Motherboard Graphics RAM
Phenom II x2 555 BE Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Gigabyte GTX 560 SLI (GV-N56GOC-1GI) Kingston HyperX blu DDR3 8GB 1600 Mhz CL9
Hard Drive Cooling OS Monitor
WD 640GB Blue Thermalright Silver Arrow Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Dell 2209wa
Power Case Other Other
LC Arkangel 850W Enermax Chakra Sennheiser HD 598 Creative X-FI Titanium
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  1. Did you just swap out the mobo and cpu with your old build without reinstalling windows?
  2. Yes becouse i even can't install win7 on fresh. I get warning no device found but hdd show in bios. Without hdd PC work with ubuntu live cd but idk how can now i install it on hdd
  3. You can't change your motherboard without using a new windows key or calling microsoft to allow you to use the key for a new motherboard. Either way, you need to reformat your hard drive to delete you old version of windows as it freezes when it tries to detect your old motherboard and can't find it.
  4. Thx for u help
    Now i can install win7 idk what i did i just repair win7 before win7 loaded (not with dvd-usb) or coz i connected hdd with old pc with usb sata adapter
  5. If you connect your hdd to your old computer it will work fine. Did you move it back to your new one and will it work?
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