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I have a Gigabyte HD6950, as-well as 2 screens (1440x900), I have used the two DVI slots on the back and two HDMI ports are remaining, if I was to get a third screen and plug it into the HDMI, will it work properly?
Heard heaps of stuff about needing an active display port adapter, do I need to worry about this?
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  1. according to specifications - HD6950 can support up to 4 simultaneous displays.

    so i dont think you should worry about display ports.

    hdmi cables are cheap. go ahead and test it.

    display port is for that card is for 6displays.
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    Actually yes you will need to use the displayport.You can use up to 2 monitors without a display port but anything after that will require a display port.

    Your probably thinking of a mini-display port.Regular display ports look almost the exact same as a HDMI port so you probably overlooked it.Your card does have a display port.What you will need is a Display port to DVI or HDMI adapter.

    Is this your card?

    Display port to DVI adapter.
  3. Quote:
    Is this your card? [...] 5&Tpk=6950

    Yes, that's it.

    So could I not just plug it into the HDMI with a HDMI to DVI adapter?
    or do I have to use the display port?

    Thanks for your help
  4. Yah I don't understand the logistics of it myself but from what I've read you can't use a regular HDMI port for Eyefinity.It has to be a Display port or Mini Display port.

    The adapter I linked above will work.It's a little expensive but it's high quality.
  5. Yeah, thanks man.
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  7. Welcome.

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