CPU crashing in some games

My CPU crashes in some games and its very annoying. By crash i mean the screen freezes but the sound continues for 3 seconds or so then i just get a BUUUURRGHHHHHHHH coming from my speakers and i have to restart with power button. For e.g. i can play bf3 on ultra 1080p for any amount of time i want while my CPU is OC from 3ghz to 3.45ghz. Whereas if i play witcher 2 at the same OC it wont last more than 5mins. And i have to reduce the OC and voltage to play. I have the latest drivers for everything (chipset im not sure about as i cant find where to get new drivers), aswell as recently updating bios (which included new CPU code) and im pritty certain its not heat issues. Possible my *** quality PSU? But who knows i need your help!!
Thanks, Ben

My Rig:
Windows 7 64-bit
WD 7200rpm 500gb
MSI Twin Frozr III Power Edition HD 6950 2gb
AMD Athlon II X4 640 3Ghz
Asrock N68C-S UCC
Kingston 4Gb DDR3 133mhz
G7 power extreme 680W PSU
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  1. You may need more ram. When i play battlefield 3 my ram usages hits 5gbs sometimes.

    I had freezing problems with the game starcraft until i added more ram.
  2. Well as i said i can play BF3 for any length of time and no game needs more than 4gb to play without crashing...
  3. Bump
  4. Man do you use any Trainer or Cheats, That May be the Reason. I've played many games but after using trainers they become unresponsive. Have you overclocked your graphics. they main reason could be the settings. if you play at full HD 1080p or more higher resolution it tends to use most of the ram and the graphics and this in return crashes.
  5. What do you mean by trainer and no i dont use cheats. Yes my gpu is OC from 850/1325 to 920/1400 and the voltage is notched up slightly. do you do i think i need more ram?
  6. Different games utilize the cpu in different ways, Its an unstable overclock or memory glitch at that speed thats causing the issue. As long as your temps are ok, try bumping the voltage a little bit more, possibly up the ram voltage also.
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