Need new competable memory

Hi there

Im using a maximus v formula mobo and 3770k processer.
With that i use 2 modules patriot 8gb 9-9-9-24.
so 16gb total and have 2 slots open for future expension.
I play games from LoL to black ops 2 and do some video editing for it.

Here is my problem... i get memory management bsod en since a few days als bad pool header bsods.
I have had this before with these memory modules and have tested them for defects. There fine.
Accoording to the list gotten from the Thats tells me what memory modules are competable with my mobo... my memory modules are NOT competable.
I tried to tweak the mobo so that it has all the setting competable with these modules but i still get bsods.

Monday im gonna buy new ones and i want them to just as good/better then the ones i have now but competable.
Im using a noctua nh-D14 so i have low clearance modules.

Please give me some good options thats are both really good and wont have competablility issues with my board.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. thats odd. Any ram should be compatible with the mobo. For all my builds, I just bought whatever was on sale and no problems.
  2. Well i have been having these bsod for a while before.. After i updated to windows 8 all the bsods stopped. For about a month everything was fine. Then last week it started again.
    I opened the pc and used 1 module at a time with no problems apart from the usual bsod after some time. I posted here before and tried everything after witch everyone told me it was a competability issue.

    Then again doesnt asus give you a competablility list for a reason?
  3. Is there maybe another solution to my memory management bsods?
    Cause i have no idea what else to do but buy a new set of modules that ARE on the list.
  4. Okee.. now i am 100% lost with no way back....
    I got directed to this:
    It lists all the memory and if it's compatible or not. (i can see that this list can be trusted over the half finished list that ASUS gives you with the mobo?)
    And this list says my current memory IS compatible.

    Then my question changes. and i will post this under a new topic also...
    WTF is wrong with my computer?

    I'll make a list of the Bsod errors here:
    System_service-exception win32k.sys
    Bad Pool Header
    Memory management.
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