SLI Gtx 460 1GB Vs Gtx 560 Ti

Ok, this question has been asked loads, everywhere, on anything ... ive trauled the web and struggled to find a straight answer!

For the upcoming release of Battlefield 3, I am getting a new system, first jump in 3 years, I have specs with CPU, Mobo etc etc SORTED, just the GPU is causing the problems.
I have a Gtx 460 Asus 1gb, love it, never had problems with Asus, I've been wondering if i should simply just add another 460 to SLI this OR ... Sell the 460 and invest in a Gtx 560 Ti (to SLI down the line).

Will there be a huge difference between the two, or am i just throwing money at it!? My PC is soley used for HIGH GRAPHIC gaming, so, would the SLI Gtx 460 1gb be Ok with the release of bbc3 and then be out dated very soon after OR would the Gtx 560 Ti play bbc3 smoothly on release ?!


Apologies for the rambling, ive been trawling the web for hours now!

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  1. It would be different if you didn't already own a GTX460 but since you do I suggest going for another to SLI.Then just wait it out with the GTX460 SLI until the new cards come out within a couple months.No sense in going for a GTX560ti SLI if you already own a GTX460 and the new cards are supposidly right around the corner.

    A GTX460 SLI is way more powerful than a single GTX560ti.I think you will be fine,the GTX460 SLI is still a very powerful combo.

    What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)
  2. resolution you're playing at?
  3. You decide: (Reference 560 Ti - Reference 460 - 900MHz 560 Ti Cu)

    Card 560 460 560 Ti-CU

    COD-MW 123 91 134
    Bad Company 2 47 34 51
    Dirt 2 66 53 72
    Far Cry 2 81 62 88
    Metro 2033 23 17 26
    Dawn of Discovery 68 51 73
    Crysis Warhead 47 36 51

    Total 455 344 495

    That's from Guru3D. The 560's scale about 175% in SLI ...


    w/ a 2nd 460, you'd see an increase to about 602 fps (assuming same scaling) for $150
    w/ a new 560 Ti (900MHz), you'd see an increase to about 495 fps for $205
    w/ 2 new 560 Ti (900MHz), you'd see an increase to about 862 fps for $410
  4. go sli if your motherboard/cpu supports it.

    I think only x58 motherboards or cpu's with LGA 1366 are supported for SLI or Crossfires.

    correct me if im wrong.
  5. bebangs said:
    go sli if your motherboard/cpu supports it.

    I think only x58 motherboards or cpu's with LGA 1366 are supported for SLI or Crossfires.

    correct me if im wrong.

    That is wrong, sli/xfire is dependent upon mobos.
  6. thesnappyfingers said:
    That is wrong, sli/xfire is dependent upon mobos.

    right. let me rephrase.

    update - Not that it cannot run on crossfire but instead of running
    2 - PCIEx16 at 16x/16x

    it will only run at 8x/8x for sli/crossfire for LGA 1156/LGA1155.
    Since the point of getting an X58 board over P55 few years ago was that it can do 16x/16x while a P55 can only do 16x/8x. I havent research much about 1155 back then as it wasnt available yet.

    here -

    though on comparison, it's only by slight margin.
  7. Their's hardly any difference between x8 and x16.Don't even worry about it.Only with a dual GPU card would x8 be a problem.
  8. Thankyou for the fast replies Toms Community!

    MY specs:

    i5 2500k (will OC)
    p8p67 PRO (for SLI)
    4Gb Kingston HyperX
    PSU Corsair 750
    Samsung 21.5" 1920 x 1080

    Just fretting that it wont be able to play Bbc3 at higher levels, and how long the SLI will last ....

    Basically i can sell my old PC and old 460, get an exchange for about 150 (at a shop called Cex, UK shop) and buy a new 560 Ti for only about 50, but then in the future it will be another 170 to get the 2nd for SLI :( Or just spend 60 with the trade in of my old Pc to buy a brand new 460 to SLI to my one now :S

    Thankies again!
  9. When you say BBBC3 do you mean BF3 or Battlefield Bad Company 3?

    Well if your only paying $50 for a GTX560ti then I would go that route.Also $170 isn't that bad for a GTX560ti.Their usually $210+,in the US you can only buy 1 for about $240.So you end up paying a total of $220 for a GTX560ti SLI which is really really good compared to the performance you get from it.That paired with the 2500k and you will have no problem maxing out BF3 or BBBC3.

    If a GTX560ti SLI can max out BF3 then it should stay powerful for a long time since their aren't many games that are as demanding as BF3.Also if your planning on playing games from EA the Frostbite 2 engine is still brand new so that means it will last even longer.
  10. Sorry, used to say BBC2 for battlefield bad company 2, i just mean BF3 :)
    Ok, so say i get a Asus 560 Ti prior to the BF3 release, would this play better than a Gtx 460 sli on release ?

    Like you said, i dont see any games being more demanding than BF3 in the next year or so, just that i dont want to throw money around!
    Simply, 460 sli or single 560 Ti for BF3 ?
  11. Well their's rumors that the new GPU's from Nvidia and AMD will be released sometime in Q1 2012.Going with the first option like I said in my previous post since you already own a GTX460 you could pick another one up for SLI and just wait it out until the new cards come out.

    Second option would be what I just said,going with the GTX560ti SLI since you can get one for $50.Of course with the GTX560ti SLI it's still somewhat new tech so you might think about keeping it for a while as well as more money invested into it.

    But to answer your question,no, a single GTX560ti is not faster than a GTX460 SLI.A GTX460 SLI is about double the performance you would see with a single GTX560ti.But if I had to choose I would go with the GTX460 SLI because I love playing games maxed out with good FPS.Even without AA or AF you can play BF3 on ultra settings and maintain 60 FPS easily,mostly because BF 3 is a CPU hog and the 2500k is just right for it.It's a good balance.

    Which GTX460 do you currently own?
  12. Really appreciate your replies ! Ok, i just wanted re-assurance really :D

    Ive had my Gtx 460 for a year now and never had problems, so naturally would like to stick with such a nice card : D

    Again thankyou, im sure il pounce onto you for any other questions!
  13. How does my set up sound to you anyway ? PC Specs, res etc ?
  14. Seems really good.Makes me jealous actually,lol.But you have really nice upgrade paths between SB-E and the new GPU's.Only thing I would change is add more RAM.I don't ever see my RAM usage go above 4GB but everyone says 8GB is the best.Just get 4GBx2 sticks.You can get them really cheap now.
  15. Do you have any links for good RAM deals at 8gb ? im trying to keep to a budget so i suppose thats a upgrade path in the future! my budget can waiver a bit but id prefer to try and keep as close to it as i can!
  16. what are the SB-E upgrade paths you mean ?
  17. Sandy Bridge-E is the refresh of Sandy Bridge(your current CPU).They should be releasing sometime within the next couple months(no exact date yet).

    Do you already own the 4GB of RAM or were you upgrading to it? Don't you live in the UK? I doubt prices would be similar there.

    But something like this is what I would get.
  18. so whats the difference, and does that require me to purchase new hardware ? no i dont have the RAM yet and yes I live in the UK, just want to get an idea of bits and pieces :)
  19. What do you mean what is the difference? No.That RAM will work with your mobo.
    In fact that's actually really good RAM because of the timings for 1600mhz RAM.Usually their a lot higher.And it's priced the same as for 4GB.
  20. If your wondering about SB-E have a look at this.Scroll down to Ivy bridge.
  21. sorry, i meant with the new sandy bridge E, i dont know what it is etc :S

    just found ... where as my 4gb of kinston was 40!

    just dont get what you mean by the new sandy bridge refresher bits and pieces!
  22. Lol is that good or bad?I think it's good because it's only $20 more yet your getting double the amount.And you can pair it with the 2500k.

    Have a look at my previous post for info on SB-E.
  23. forgot to mention in a previous post; my 460 is a: asus engtx460 directCU :)

    Yeah, i cant see any details about the SB-E unless im going blind (chances), whats the difference with the refresher ?
  24. So basically SB-E(Ivy Bridge) will use the same socket as current SB CPU's but it will be 20% faster.The only downside of your mobo is that it doesn't support PCI-E 3.0 which is one of the biggest features of SB-E.Another downside is that all of the current PCI-E 3.0 motherboards are really expensive.
  25. Ok, thanks !

    What PSU brand would you advise? Im looking for a 750w which should be enough, but what brand and rating etc ?
  26. The one you have selected is perfectly fine.Go with something from Corsair,Antec,Seasonic or XFX.Those are the companies that make the most high quality units.
    Cooler Master makes good products but they also make some really low budget PSU's and it's hard to tell so I would suggest staying away from them.
  27. do we know what the difference between pcie2.0 and 3.0? Im putting together a wishlist at the moment for a new build for when I get back to the USA in Jan-April. but im finding it hard to choose componets since I know by then newer parts will be out.

    also ive seen alot of cards that have pci-e2.1...does this even matter? Im pretty sure all cards are pci-e backwards compatible but were there any major upgrade between the 2.0 and 2.1?

    do you think a new chipset will be releaced alongside the new ivy bridge?

    my possibly build will consist of :

    MOBO: ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3
    CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge
    RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
    PSU: SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W or PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 750W

    Im also in the same boat as far as GPU's goes. Except I dont own a 460 already. last time I bought a gpu I upgraded TO the ancient x800GTO when they were owned by ATI.

    as far as single cards go, is there a big difference between the 460 and 560?
    if a 460 can play demanding games just as well would anyone suggest going with a 460 for say $100-150?

    currently my build is teetering on the $1700 range but Im trying to save some $$ where ever possible. lol this includes new everything, including monitor mice and keyboard and even a headset. Heres the link. If anyone finds a good way to shave some $$ off please let me know. comment on the wishlist so I may know.

    Im sorry if i hyjacked this thread, but im also interested in this topic aswell as trying to get a decent answer from the community. unfortinutly I read that nvidia never releaced reference cards for these series so its very hard to choose because all the cards differ by a minor to a major difference.
  28. Igotperks, you should just start a new thread, as two threads about building can get awfully messy. :) :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

    Bouncies mean nothing, I just like them.
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