Screen goes to "entering power saving"

hello there,
I have
Asus p8z68-v LX
EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Intel Core i5 2500K

the problem is that I installed Ubuntu and wanted to change my boot up settings to start with it. after I changed the settings and restart the pc, the screen stopped working and start giving me "entering power saving". I tried to connect the screen with the build up DVI but still nothing.
P.S. I cleared the CMOS but still nothing.

any ideas ?! :sweat:
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  1. Is Ubuntu on a different drive to the Windows? or both on the same drive?
  2. different
  3. If you hit F8 during bootup, can you select the Ubuntu drive and boot off it? I know sometimes there can be another section in the BIOS to set HDD order other than the standard boot order section, but if you've set it, which it sounds like you might have, then it should work.

    Oh and double check that Ubuntu isn't using the onboard video, switch the cable to the onboard output and check it
  4. the problem is that the pc is working .... but nothing is showing on the screen ..... the screen switch to "power saving" from the beginning .... I'll take a video ... upload it to youtube and will show you
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