Advice Required on New Gaming Build (first time buyer)

Hi there,
I have been considering creating a custom built computer for some time and have spent the last few weeks researching the different components that are out there and which would be the right ones for me. As I do not have a massive understanding of computer hardware (only the basics), I am relying on friends and forums such as these for the best advice before I make my purchase. I'm aiming at around the 600-800GBP (Great British Pounds, translating to roughly 900-1100 USD) to purchase a system capable of running the latest games (mainly RPGs) such as; SWToR, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and perhaps Battlefield 3 smoothly and efficiently. This is the current system I have devised within my budget, and would really appreciate any support that you may offer;

Case; The Coolmaster HAF 922

CPU/Processor; AMD Phenom II x2 565BE

Motherboard; ASUS M5A87: AM3+ Platform

Graphics Card; AMD Radeon HD 6770

Memory (RAM); Samsung Dual-DDR3 1333mhz (2x4GB)

Hard Drive; 1TB Sata-II 3.0GB/s Hard Drive with 32GB Cache (7,200 rpm)

Power Supply; 450 Quiet 80 plus Dual Rail PSU

Processor Cooling; ECO II ALC

Operating System; Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

Ideally, I would love to be able to connect this desktop to a wireless network for convenience issues. Assuming it is possible to have a wireless connection, would you recommend it or is cable a faster connection? I'd like to make my purchase within the next week or so, although I am in no hurry for Christmas as this is something for myself.

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  1. for wireless you will need a wireless pci or pci-e card... wired connections are not as reliable and a cabled connection is usually fast, BUT that's not to say it won't be fine... more than likely if you're not a long distance from the access point since the PC and the AP will both be stationary you will have a fairly stable connection. <-PCI-e <-PCI <-PCI
  2. Hi Dude,

    I'm not familiar with that CPU but I know a lot of those games you listed can stress a CPU quite a bit, you might want to check benchmarks for it.

    If it's in your budget I'd recommend a 2500k and upgrade you GPU at a later stage though that would likely require a more powerful PSU.

    Check this guide:,3027.html
  3. Running the latest games on a dual core AM3 CPU will be rough. The build below has links for Newegg, but should give you an idea. For $1000 USD you can do much better. See how this would translate into your local vendors...

    MB - ASUS P8P67 (REV 3.1) - $135
    CPU - i5-2500k - $220
    GPU - XFX HD 6950 1GB - $230
    MEM - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB DDR3-1333 CL7 - $32
    HD - Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB - $140
    OPTICAL - ASUS Black 24X DVD-RW - $19
    PSU - Corsair 500w - $60
    CASE - NZXT Mid Tower - $36
    OS - Windows 7 Home Premium x64 - $100

  4. CPU/mobo/heatsink combo =i5 2500k, GA-z68x-ud3p and CM 212+ £279.95

    GPU = 6870 £119.99

    PSU = 650W corsair £71.06

    Case = CM HAF 922 £83.99

    Ram = gskill 2x4GB £35.71

    HDD = 1TB samsung £98.99

    OS = windows 7 £69.00

    total = £758.69

    Allows for adding an additional 6870 and will have all the power you need for your gaming needs.
  5. I appreciate the fast responses and great support, so thanks! I will take all your recommendations into place, especially yours Crewton, cheers for that. I considered going for the i5 2500k but was told an AMD Phenom II would be a more powerful choice hence my reasoning on that one, so your comments have definitely cleared up a few things.

    I'll take into consideration all of the replies and continue my research slightly, although I believe Crewtons setup would prove ideal and if so I'd likely add an additional 6870 to take that edge off. Once again thanks for the support, I'll reply once I've given things a second thought.
  6. I knew I forgot something...

    Optical drive: LG GH22NS70 22x DVD±RW £11.99

    Not a big expense but didn't want you to buy your whole set up and realize you have no way to put your windows disk in the system :P
  7. crewton said:
    I knew I forgot something...

    Optical drive: LG GH22NS70 22x DVD±RW £11.99

    Not a big expense but didn't want you to buy your whole set up and realize you have no way to put your windows disk in the system :P

    optical drives are over rated... Microsoft even provides a program for putting a windows image onto a USB drive and installing it from there... <-- Takes a windows ISO and makes a bootable USB install from it...
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