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I am new to PC building. I am trying to build a low-mid gaming machine for DayZ mod and standalone. It would be nice to keep the cost down on the initial build because I have to buy Case, CPU, Mobo, GPU, Ram, PSU, OS, Ram, Everything basically. ( Have keyboard, mouse, Monitor.

Ability to expand 2 years down the road would be nice. But not a high priority.

I have decided (still open for suggestions) to choose AMD Phenom II x4 BE 965 for the CPU. Decent reviews to play dayz on medium and its less than 100$.

GPU (again open for suggestions) Was thinking 7770. But I honestly have no idea. Brand, Manufacturer, Ghz, GB.. No clue.

Mobo No clue. I am guessing something that can fit the Phenom, and PCI 3.0?

Remember, I dont need amazing visual graphics. But I would need decent fps, and smooth gameplay. I am at the start of this build and will take any advise.

Thank you very, very much for any info.
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  1. Here's a special if you need ram: For more advice, please list a firm budget. You may also want to sell any old stuff to add to your budget first.
  2. Old PC is a Emachines walmart special lol. I am sure no one will want parts from it.

    Budget.. Hmm. I am guessing 500-600$- I know its low, but for now (1-2 years) I am willing to make sacrifices, I just need it to play Dayz decently without getting me killed by bad performance.
  3. Do that Mobo-MSI 970A-G46 AM3+ support PCI 3.0?

    Do I need a graphics card that has PCI 3.0?

    Sorry, just want to make sure I am buying the right things.
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