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Radeon HD 6770 to HD 6850..please help!

I'd like to thank a lot of people here who helped me build my first system, and AMD PII X6 1055T with Asus m5A99x motherboard. I have an Anted 650 Watts 650-D PSU ( earthwatts). 8Gb G skill ripjawsX seried RAM...etc.

I bought Sapphire HD 6770 for GPU, but I'd like to replace it with a better one? Sapphire HD 6850. Any thought if this is a good move? or should I stick with the current card.

The computer will be used mainly for photo editing and some games. I was interested to try Dirt3 game? I am totally new to games, so not sure if the 6770 or 6850 would handle this game?

I excluded the Sapphire HD 6790 for power consumption and the 6870 is above my budget.

Any help , suggestions, or comments would be highly appreciated.

Many many thanks!!!

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  1. The 6850 is faster than the 6770
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    While it is faster, I'm not sure the 6850 has enough extra power to make it worth spending the $$$. Usually you are suggested to upgrade quite a bit so that it feels worth it. This means you should probably upgrade to the 6870 or 6950 at least.
  3. I agee with 4745454b. it is quite abit faster but not worth it.

    The HD6770 will play any game well enough for your needs.
  4. So it seems the HD 6870 would be a better choice as suggested by you guys. Would my PSU (Antec EA-650 Green Earthwatts 650W) handle the 6870 fine? The Antec has two PCEe 2.0 cables, so I am not sure if the GPU requires i or two connections.

    The 12 V rail on the Antec EA-650 mentions on the box that it handles 54 Amps. Is this sufficient for the 6870?

    Thanks again everyone, great help here....
  5. Im not so sure that it is a bad upgrade, a 460 vs 5770 is a very noticeable jump.
    What is the end cost, after you sell the 5770 ?
  6. Yes the PSU will handle it perfectly fine. I still don't think that it is worth it, but up to you.
  7. Novuake said:
    Yes the PSU will handle it perfectly fine. I still don't think that it is worth it, but up to you.

    Are you saying upgrading from 6770 to 6850 is not worth it or upgrading to the HD 6870 is not worth it as well?

    I was confused about your last reply since you answered differently in your first reply.

    Many thanks!
  8. Neither is worth it IMO, I know getting an HD69xx is expensive but I am sure you will not be using much more than what the HD6770 has to offer anyway.
  9. So again how much can you sell your 5770 for ?

    minus the sale how much is the upgrade going to cost ?
  10. just hold on to the 5770 till you can afford a better gpu, it should run dirt 3 ok. a 6850 is an upgrade, but if it were me, id want to go a bit further to a 6870 or 6950 to make it a more noticeable upgrade.
  11. Right. Because you don't want to spend $150 for a 6850 just to move a couple of sliders up.

    Spent, used 5770 can go for around $80 if he's lucky. Counting shipping, his take home will be around $70. That means he's still spending $80ish (could be less if he's lucky) for not much more performance. Only he knows if its worth it.
  12. Yeah that sounds about right 474, not worth it or 80 bucks, for 30 though i would look at it.
  13. I currently have the "SAPPHIRE 100287L Radeon HD 5670 (Redwood) 512MB 128-bit DDR5" in my back up computer and it runs Dirt3 just fine.
  14. I returned the Sapphire HD 6770 to newegg and got the "6850" :)

    Thanks you all for all the comments and advice, it was very helpful.
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