I want to buy the computer in the link used and want to know if it.

i want to know if this computer can handle the new age of empires online game: The game is called "age of empires online" it is newer than age of empires 3. I am wondering if this computer can handle it , thanks.
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  1. According to the Age Of Empires Online system requirements, it states a 128MB Shader 2.0 compliant video card. From that, I can say yes, as the HD 3200 support Shader 3.0, but I cant tell you what kind of frame rates to accept, only that according to the specs it should play.

    I also found mention of others using it to play the game, but all mentioned that not to expect the best results, only that it can play. For best results, consider more grunty discrete graphics.
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    Theoretically "yes" But it would be a horrible experience.
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