How to setup a wireless internet.

Whats up everybody....i was just wondering on how to set up my router just for my home connection.......
Already did some basic stuff to it but i just want to add more security to avoid unwanted user trying to hog my internet connection......

ISP: Globe Broadband (HUAWEI router)
Wireless router: TP-LINK WR340G

i really want to learn about this stuff and btw everytime i turn on my Routers Firewall (TP-LINK) i lose connection its like blocking the Globe's internet connection to me...... I need help Thanks
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  1. i really need help and i dont have any idea about these things

  2. Leave the router's firewall off for the time being and instead, to increase security, raise the level to WPA2 and hide the SSID - the name of your network. If it isn't visible to the outside world, the risk is restricted to serious hackers and unless you suspect your neighbours of being that bad, you should be quite safe.

    Security is necessary - paranoia is optional. :D
  3. so what can i do to use the MAC Filtering or IP Filtering?
  4. When you have all your device connect to the internet. Go to your router's page and logon. In the mac filter option, there should be a list for you to click to add mac address. Select allow for those device which you allow for access to internet. If that does not work, window start, type "cmd" then in cmd type ipconfig /all and find out the mac address and add them into your router's mac address page.
  5. well i have to activate the firewall so it will work
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