Gigabyte motherboard Z77UD5H not booting

Hey I am having problems booting my PC all the parts are compatible and i am pretty sure its not the power supply fans dont start either plz help ASAP
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  1. Hi,
    Have you tested the power supply and it does work?
    A test
    Try taking the board outside the case (ruling out a short). Start it by shorting with a screwdriver the 2 pins (from the motherboard's front panel header) corresponding to the case power switch.
    Or use the board's power button, if available.
  2. The boards power button comes on but when i press the cases power button nothing happens i have checked the wires on the front panel as well
  3. Then probably it's a case button issue. Have you tried shorting the 2 pins?
  4. The mother board responds to the power button and it definitely not the power supply i think the mother board was DOA ill try to get a replacement. what do you think?
    I tried to short it but like before the diagnostic led blinked.
  5. And it does boot when using the power button? What's the board model? Have you checked the manual for the front panel header pinout?
  6. Yeah i checked the layout multiple times thats not the problem it it doesnt boot with the power buttons either. Its the gigabyte Z77X-UD5H.
  7. Some of the CPUs require a BIOS update:
    What CPU are you using?
    If the CPU is supported, try though testing the board outside the case.
  8. I am using the i7 3770k 3.5GHz
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