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Hey there!

Yes I'am back with another issue, again, and it shares a correspondance with my last.

I've got a problem with my computer, I've bought a set of ram from Corsair which is supposte to run at 1866MHz
I've managed to get them to run at the 1866MHz, by overclocking my i7 3.2GHz CPU to 3.6GHz, WITHOUT enabling the XMP.

Now the issue is that at random moments I get crashes where I get the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.

I have a bad hunch that it's because the XMP isn't enabled or because theres something else, which I'm not sure wether.

I got my CPU to 3.6GHz, by setting the multiplyer to 24 and the BLCK to 150, EG. 24x150
and pretty much anything else on auto,

the RAM is then put with SPD(I think it's that) Multiplyer to 12.0

Since I'm running with a LGA1366 socket type I'd really not preffer having to return the mobo to the shop since it's gonna take forever and I have no
other stable computer

I got a GA-X58A-OC mobo and a Intel i7 960 Bloomfield 3.2GHz cpu.

Appreciate the help!
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  1. Why did you overclock the processor? Reset the settings only change the ram multiplier and set the timings accordingly. As I too have a x58 gigabyte board I assume the settings are x14 multiplier for 1866MHz.

    For a stable overclock you need to also slightly increase the voltage.
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