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This is my first post; hope to get everything right. My old Q6600 based PC failed and now I want to build something new, to last me a long time (I never overclock) that won't become obsolete too soon. I usually buy items that are on sale, I very rarely play games, my only monitor is my 1080p 3D TV and I use wireless Gyration keyboard/mouse from my easy chair. Yeah, I'm old and have limited resources. I have two ATI 750 TV PCIe tuner cards (I record 2 channels at once - over the air)

So here's my thinking:
i7-2600 (no K) it's on sale for $250, stock cooler
Gigabyte MB, GA-Z68AP-D3 on sale for $100 and it has the 2 PCIe slots I need
Antec 300 case $35 on sale
any reasonable 650 watt power supply
Patriot 16 GB DDR3-1333 on sale for $46
I already have a 2TB (movie/TV show storage) HD and I already have a ATI 5570 video card.

I continuously run 2 webcams, AVG free AntiVirus, email, MagicJack phone, sometimes MS Office, copy and edit my old vinyl records onto CD, and I'm nearly always recording TV shows, occasionally editing out the commercials.
Yup, a lot of things running all at once, hence my choice of the fast i7-2600.

I really want to add a 120GB SSD for super fast boot/loading programs, I'll be running W7 Ultimate and W8 when it comes out. Is the OCZ Agility 3 (120 GB) on sale for $150 a safe bet? I just want to build something and not screw with it for years.

I know some of the components might be overkill (16 GB Ram) but it's on sale.
Any recommendations on any other stuff I might want to upgrade?
Thank you in advance for your help; you people are the experts!
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    HTPCs don't really need crazy requirements. the 3D bit might up the specs a little however put it this way:

    After researching HTPC builds, I have come across a build like this:

    Intel Q6600
    4GB ram
    Nvidia GT430
    1 x HVR 2200
    1 X HVR 3000

    That system can record 2 channels at once while watching another with no problems a all.

    The system you've listed will easily be able to do what you want
  2. Thank you for your fast advice. I went out and bought most of the stuff I had originally listed listed and got even better prices from an excellant salesperson at Microcenter. 16GB Ram was from Fry's, on sale. Got a i7-2600K and the same motherboard as a combo deal for less $ than the i7-2600 combo, not that I'll overclock or use the 3000 series on chip video. Putting it together now. But first I'm going to borrow a working PC so I can update the firmware (found out I can't do this using my laptop) on the OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD so I don't have issues later. Never built with a SSD before.
    Now I gotta buy postage stamps to mail in all these rebates - sure hope that part is reliable. Maybe I'll buy a better video card ATI 6670?) for the 3D TV functions I hope to connect to the big new TV. Decided to go all ATI so I don't mix drivers from Nvidia and ATI; my TV tuners are all ATI.

    My plan (build it once and forgetaboutit) was to have plenty of power and capability to handle any new program or try out a game I might (I don't play games now) want in the future; well maybe for the next 5 years anyway. This system is sort of an all-in-one, more than just my main purpose as a HTPC.

    Thanks again for your advice.
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