Which socket 755 cpu's are overclockable?

I am getting ready for my "attempt" at cooking food in a computer and looking at the older core 2 duos/pentiums/quads. Are all of them overclockable, I believe most of them are only overclockable through FSB but not multiplier. Can anyone help me find a good core 2 cpu that runs nice and hot and a good board to pair it up with? I just want to see if you can possibly cook food in a pc for a science project I am going to be doing! :)
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  1. Dang, can a mod change the name to 775?
  2. I was thinking of getting this: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ele/2894876964.html Does anyone know if the 680i is a good overclocking board? And does the e6700 overclock well?
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