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Hello all, after studying different components for the past week I have finally decided on my parts with much help from my friends. Things I need advice on;

- Are these parts compatible?
- Will this build be a good and powerful PC?
- Do you think I need to upgrade my Graphics card, or any other parts?
- Should I have more RAM?
- Do you see any ways to cut costs?



Cpu -

Mother board

Power suplly /

Case - Taking the combo with the extra fan. Then also adding another fan, to make 3

Hard drive

OS - Windows 7 64bit Home

Thanks in advance. I am looking at ordering all my parts tonight :)
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  1. i'm not sure how powerful the gpu has to be for video editing

    it seems like your parts are all compatible but i would get this psu instead
  2. What's the reason for the change?
  3. the psu is much better and it's also modular
  4. or get this if you dont want to spend extra money but this is not modular
  5. No link
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