P8Z77-V LX + i5 3570k vs am3+sabertooth + fx6300

I'm in a bit of a dilemma, about 6 months ago i was looking into a intel set up spending a little more on the board that i have put up, now got my own house and need to skimp a bit.

Just recently i have noticed this fx6300 is losing out a little on the i5 3570, and for the lose in performance i would be saving around £60 which i can justify.
Ok the fx is a little more power hungry but not as much as the fx8*** series.

But whilst saving money on the cpu i can get a better motherboard, and my question is which would you go for?
The 6300 really looks good for the money, so really asking for people thats fan based.

Will be used for gaming bf3, sorry if posted into the wrong section. Might also post in the cpu section too.

Regards jon
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  1. Anyone else, will the better mobo keep the underdog cpu close to a better cpu and a cheaper mobo?
  2. the mobo doesnt affect performance. id just get the i5 3570k and the Lk board and start building. the LK has exactly enough features to get things going. i have one myself
  3. Cool cheers man
  4. Soory, also i mean would the sabertooth be more stable supporting the fx in a over clock?
  5. the fx performs less than the i5 so its not really a fair match
  6. Def, but not by alot once its been over clocked, for gaming. The price is about £50/60 cheaper too, and if the fx will over clock more stable at a higher freq with a better mobo, than a cheaper mobo on a slightly faster cpu, do you see where im coming from? Mind you i am more on the intel side but want to make sure i get all my options delt with.
  7. i can easily get 4.5ghz out of a i5 3570k, which will smack down a fx 6300 at 5ghz, a thing that you most likely cant do. the quality of the mobo does not matter on a intel board unless you go to 4.8ghz, but by then temps are going to rocket anyways

    its your money really. your call
  8. Cheers mate. plus one to you. will get buying. do you think they will come down in price in the next few months, was thinking get the mobo now as they have came down a little then get the cpu closer to haswell launch?
  9. haswell launch is in june. much more performance, but its only avaliable if you can wait
  10. Oh i can wait, will carry on playing cod4 on my duo. Is there a price range it is expected to be, and when will the mobo come out? At least with that option its the tick.
  11. My bad, its not the tick
  12. haswell is the tock
  13. Yeah sorry posted that then thought about it. So what about prices do we know anything yet or roughly how much?
  14. its going to be the same as the chips right now. like it has always been

    i7s were always 300 bucks
    i5s were always 200 bucks
    i3s were always 100 bucks
  15. Cool, the only chips i have brought before has been from a fish shop. I take it they arent releasing new mobo's then i understand the z77 will do. didnt know if there will be newer features etc
  16. haswell will be on a 1150 socket and they wont be compatable with z77 boards. just a heads up
  17. Cool mate, cheers for your time.
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