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Installed memory 8 gb (2 99 gb usable)

I purchased Windows 7 during the prelaunch and received both the 32-bit & 64-bit upgrade software; I took forever to install it and recently about two months ago installed a new solid-state drive and 8 GB of RAM memory on a new MB running a eight core 3.1 GHz processor. Imagine my surprise when I realized I am only using 2.99 GB of RAM. I read on this forum I have to upgrade to the 64-bit version of Windows 7 to fully utilize the RAM memory available; my question is does it have to be a full complete "clean" install or can I just insert 64 bit CD and not lose all of my programs and settings? It's taken me about three months to get everything just the way I like it, I would hate to have to start over...
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  1. You have to clean install as you are moving from 32 to 64 bit. Also make sure that you have the right version of windows 64bit. 7 home premium allows users to install ram upto 8gB, 7 professional upto 16gB and I think there is no limit for the 7 ultimate version.
  2. I have Windows 7 professional; thanks for the great news you made my day...

    For anyone who might be running Win 7 in 64 bit version; for slightly heavier office applications does the benefit of the upgrade outweigh the hassle? Is it really worth it to go to 64 and eight gigs of RAM?
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    It sure is. These days you atleast need 8gB of ram? Also 64bit OS is much faster than 32bit OS.
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