ASrock z77extreme4 not recognizing GTX 660ti

Hello, my ASrock z77extreme 4 will not recognize my GPU in either of my PCI express slots. I have went in and made sure my north bridge configurations had the PCI express as primary with an auto speed. I have tried the HDMI and DVI outputs and no display at all. When using the on board graphics I can load the cd and drivers but when trying to install the driver it gives me an error message saying it can not detect hardware.
-The two power cords are connected through adapters to my OCZ 750 watt spinning fans and lights work
-Tried a second 660ti and same problem so its not the card
- tried both pci express slots and nothing
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  1. Hi,
    Why using power adapters? Doesn't the power supply have PCIe power connectors?
  2. Hello, I assume that these power connectors the four pins is what i am suppose to use because the power cables that came with the card are short and these fit right in. Im sorry I am new to all of this.

  3. The power supply has PCIe 6+2 pin connectors. Remove the adapters and plug instead the power supply 6-pin cables
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