What can i replace my geforce 8200 with?

my ecs geforce 8200a black just crapped out on me and i need something to put what i have left on.
i've got:
amd phenom IIx4 940
radeon 5770 hd 1G
corsair 500w psu
2 2G ddr2 ram
2 1G ddr ram

i don't have money to upgrade anything, i don't really have the money for a board, but could use any suggestions or a point in a direction. everything i have found that is a direct comparison to the geforce is discontinued.

can anyone suggest anything that i can stick my parts on?

-edit- i don't do any overclocking. i'm more than happy to play my games on medium settings if needed.
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  1. Because your RAM (DDR2) to limit the choice, if you can find something like this motherboard ASRock A785GM-LE AM3/AM2+/AM2
  2. thanks for the reply. but i had the wrong cpu in the original post. it's a phenom iix4 940.
    not 945.
  3. 940 has the AM2+Socket too, it will fit.
  4. thank you cin19
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