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This is my first time posting here, been a toms hardware fan for a while now. I have read multiple threads on here and needed to ask a specific question to the community.

My question is about the current Motherboard dilemma I am in. I was going to purchase a motherboard for my new build, did my research and came across multiple candidates. My first pick was the P8Z77-V PRO LGA-1155, the only reason was because i saw that ASUS uses something called "CPU Core Voltage: Offset Mode" under their BIOS. I have not build a computer since early 2007 so this to me is new, apparently the voltage gets adjusted so your CPU is not running at full throttle all the time. I thought this was a feature only on ASUS boards but upon further research apparently its common on other manufacturer's boards, that is when i ran into an ASROCK board, the Z77 Extreme6/TB4.

What other board Manufacturer's Have this "voltage offset" feature?

I currently need a good board for Overclocking my 3770K i want to hit 5GHz or high 4's with a custom water loop, and be able to set up two RAID 0 configurations, (2) Kingston SSD Raid 0, (2) WD 500GB Raptors preferably without using a pci raid card. I am trying not to spend over $200+ dollars but i also need quality and performance. I wish i could own the Maximus V Formula but it just seems like its all for show, i liked the water block on the mosfets.

But I am really considering the ASROCK board, i have never used an ASROCK before and was kind of skeptical at first thinking its a low-quality or "no name brand" but everywhere i look people have really good stuff to say about them, makes me want to see what all the hype is about.

What do you guys recommend? Anyone have any of the mentioned boards that can give some inputs?
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  1. The power savings are from speedstep, not voltage offset, and is part of z77 chipset on all boards.

    Extreme6 should fit the bill. Keep in mind 5.0 is a lofty goal on ivy.
  2. Yeah ive seen people hit 5GHz usually just for benching, i think the highest 24/7 recommended was like 4.8GHz, I will be playing alot with the settings i am curious just to see how hard i can push it, should be fun. I Haven t really decided on the motherboard but thanks for the quick response, How is the Extreme4 working for you?
  3. Like a champ. In testing got to 4.4 on auto voltage with the cheap cooler. 4.5 was a no go but wan't interested in trying for a max OC. I was more interested in a balance of OC, noise, heat, and getting BF3 under 100% cpu utilization. 3.9 was good for a while but patches and new maps drove it up to 4.1. At 4.1, the max temp with OCCT runs right around 59C and the fan never kicks up (set me fan threshold to 60C).
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