First crossfire! everything look ok?

Just setup my first crossfire with my 2 6970s and I am pretty happy with how easy it was so far! since I have never done this before I just wanted to double check with you guys that everything is ok according to gpu-z.

Card 1 :

Card 2 :

The only thing that confuses me is the second card in my bottom slot says the gpu clock is 890 mhz but the default click is 940. Is this because my top cards default clock is 940mhz and it applies to the second card?

Also since my bottom card is not factory overclocked and is at 890hmz and my top card is factory overclocked to 940mhz does that mean it's performance will be clocked down to match the slower cards clock speed? If that is the case I will definetly have to look into overclocking the slower card to 940mhz.

OH and my second card says crossfire is disabled yet my first says enabled. Is this normal? And would a stock 2500k bottleneck this setup? I plan to overclock this week just curious.

Sorry for all the questions guys I just want to make sure everything is perfect.
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    Yes, the faster card will be clocked down some what to match the slower card. Try to overclock the slower card to more closely match the faster one.

    Only issue I see is GPU-Z says your second PCI-E slot is running at 4x speed instead of 8x or 16x. This will bottleneck your crossfire a bit. Which motherboard do you have? The i5-2500K is a strong CPU and you should overclock it a bit, be sure yo get a decent aftermarket cooler though. You may want to look into a motherboard that supports two PCI-E lanes at 16x/16x or 8x/8x as the 4x speed will slow you down a bit.
  2. Thanks for the reply mate all sounds good then! I am aware of the second card running 4x and I plan to pick up a new mainboard somewhere down the line but it is fine for now. Not sure if you read it in my original post but is it normal for my second card in gpu z to show up as crossfire disabled? while the first one says enabled?
  3. That one I'm not sure about. Were you in a game at the time? Fire up a game and check GPU-Z and see what it says. The second card goes idle when just in Windows so that could be it.
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  5. Thanks mate.
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