I have mistakely extreme overclocked my cpu and it refuse to start

i have done a mistake, have overclocked my cpu from fsb 200 to 300 and now pc refuse to boot as i have a intel p4 2.7 ghz. when i turn it on everything is working cpu fan etc and also harddrive led flashes but reguse to boot. now i m confused what have i done. plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz!
my rig
elite g3mit7 mobo
p4 2.7 ghz
1gb ddr2
and a stock fan
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  1. Clear the CMOS. Pull the power cord and wait about 10 seconds for the filter capacitors to discharge. Then go through the CMOS reset procedure in the motherboard manual.

    In most cases it involves moving a jumped for a few seconds and putting it back.

    Assuming your motherboard and CPU are ok (should be) the system should boot right up after you plug it in again.
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