Is it worth upgrading? (Can't think of anything I want for xmas!)

Hey all. I've come home for Christmas and my parents and my girlfriend keep asking me what I want. I seem to have everything I need so the only thing I can think of is an upgrade to my computer (obviously!). I need some help deciding whether an upgrade is worth it (they would pay a little towards it but I would pay for the vast majority, and seeing as I am nearing the end of my time at university, money isn't really something I have to waste).

Okay so my system is

Q6600 at 3.6Ghz
4GB DDR 2 800MHz at low latency (cant remember atm)
Asus P5Q Mobo
800W Tagen PSU

Now my options to upgrade are

1. Upgrade graphics card, however this is my newest component at about a year old, and I'm not sure if I would see a big enough return on updating it as i'd only be able to go up to a 560Ti or 6950/6870 at max budget

2. Upgrade to a SSD. I would get the corsair force 3, but with the problems with the sandforce controllers, I think it might be more beneficial to wait till the next generation of SSDs. The crucial M4 seems to be better but its been hard to find them recently

3. Upgrade motherboard (and hence processor and RAM): This needs to be done eventually however ive been putting it off because its the most expensive option (~£350). I'd get the i5 2500K, ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 mobo and some 2x4GB1600hz ram. I also haven't really felt the need to do this because my Q6600 at 3.6Ghz seems to be holding up pretty well, but maybe I dont know what i'm missing.

Also I bought a new monitor (Dell U2312HM IPS panel) a few weeks ago, so that doesn't need upgrading.

Thanks for reading, I would be very greatful if you could share your opinions of what you would consider doing if you were in my position, considering all the parameters.

:wahoo: (and happy christmas to you all!)
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  1. Wait, so they really want to give you a present but won't actually pay for it? That's a little messed up, isn't it? Show them this ^.^
    SSD and GPU are basically your options, and they'll do totally different things for you. The SSD will make all your OS stuff snappier (searches, loads), and will enormously reduce your Windows boot and application launch times, including game and level loads. The GPU, you know. FPS, eye candy.

    You don't really need to up the motherboard. You can handle a 560 Ti now. I do think, though, that an SSD would be nicer. You could go with a 64gb for ~£80, which would take Windows and a few apps (probably the best choice? ) or a 120gb for £130 ( ).

    Happy Christmas.
    Jeez, that sounds weird to my American ears.
  2. haha no, they would like to give me something for xmas, but seeing as computer components are expensive, they would probably contribute £50 each or something.

    Mm i think SSD is probably going to give the biggest improvement at the moment seeing as I can run BF3 and Skyrim on high and that's all I really play at the moment. What do you think about the mixed reviews for Corsair Force 3 SSD ( even post-recall.

    Might there be something better on the horizon, or do you still think i'll get a good SSD with the force 3?

  3. ADATA and Crucial are the most reliable you'll find, I think, but the Force 3 is about average in SSD reliability (measured by parsing Egg reviews). I'd put ADATA and the M4 on top, followed by Patriot, Corsair and then OCZ at the bottom. They've had some problems there.
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