Big tower watercooling reccomendation

im looking for a big tower case that will fit a decent 360mm rad without removing hdd or drive cages, ideally im looking for something simple and plain like the lian li PC-X2000 but unfortunately i need to keep under £150 for the cost of the case.
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  1. Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full-Tower Chassis Review

    Moving up top to the front of the case finds a large rectangular power button to the left and a round reset button to the right. Behind it is a rubber mat that can hold various bits and pieces of connected devices, but it also has a surprise. Before that is looked into, the rest of the top panel is taken up by the mesh area where air can be exhausted by a final 230mm fan. Another non-LED fan, this one has the same specifications as the other two and can be replaced with up to three 120mm fans or a radiator measuring up to 360mm in length.

  2. any other reccomendations
  3. besides i dont really like the haf 932
  4. anyone?
  5. the nzxt switch 810 is huge and has plenty of space for water cooling.
  6. just in case anyone else stumbled across this i found the armoursuit pc-p50 for £125 here:
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