Dual Xeon 5160 3.0 vs Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition 2.8

Ok so I've scoured the internet for 2-3 days but I can't find any recent information about the Xeon 5160.

I have a gaming PC with a Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition running at 2.8Ghz and I've come across a motherboard with dual Xeon 5160s running at 3.0Ghz. Which is better??

Passmark gives the 9950 a 3.027 and dual 5160s a 3.954.

The only information I have been able to find relating to gaming on the 5160s is that most games cannot use all 8 cores so I wouldn't be any better off with 2 CPUs. However, none of the posts that I read were after 2009.

Both motherboards have 4gb ram and either way I'll use my Radeon HD 5870 GPU.
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  1. What kind of support does the Xeon server board have for PCI-e graphics cards?
  2. it's from a workstation so it's got a single x16

    Another unrelated bonus is that Xeon board has twice the Sata ports..
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  5. Stick with the 9550, Its the same as in my current rig (Upgrading in a few weeks time). There is no point in running a dual xeon setup as ECC Ram will be required which will be generally more expensive and will be "much" slower than non ecc. Your best sticking with your current setup.
  6. Also if you require a slight boost as the 9550 that you have is a black edition you could perhaps spend some money on a cpu cooler and overclock the cpu to 3.2ghz or around.
  7. DO NOT LOOK AT PASSMARK, IT IS FAKE AND GIVES FALSE RESULTS! Might as well spend that money on an i5-2500k and z68 motherboard.
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