Video Editing upgrade/build ~$400

Approximate Purchase Date: Next 4 weeks

Budget Range: $400 or less hopefully

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Rock solid office (lots of windows open) and web surfing performance with a decent amount of Photoshop and video editing. That being said, I was content doing HDV video editing on a 3800+ x2 with 4gb of ram so I don't need an i7 970 with a REVO SSD just a decent upgrade.

Parts Not Required: Speakers, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse + any reusable parts from my current build below

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg or Amazon

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: Looking for input. I've always been an AMD guy but I hear Intel is much better these days for video editing. Also, I have to stay with NVIDIA to make use of CUDA for Adobe CS5

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 - already have

Additional Comments: While I’d love to upgrade my computer, my budget is very limited currently so if I can just get my computer to work well I can put off upgrading until my budget expands if it's a really bad time to buy. Otherwise I guess I'd like to make use of as many parts as I have since I doubt I can get much for them.

Part 1:
My computer always worked fairly well, and in the 4 years I’ve had it, I can count the Bsod’s on one hand. Recently I moved and I guess my new room setup is hotter than before. This caused my HDD to explode and then things went downhill. My old video card (xfx 7950gt) stopped regulating it’s cooling so it would constantly freeze my computer. Since then I’ve replaced it and worked to keep my machine cool but it still randomly freezes up on me with no explanation. Additionally, more recently it has begun to freeze up often during the windows 7 welcome screen. See below for my current system specs.

Part 2:
My current system with other supplies in my stock in parens -
Cpu - Amd 6500+ BE x2 64bit
Cooler - Xigmatek Dark Knight (also available Corsair H60)
RAM - value branded 7gb (3x 2gb + 1x 1gb) ddr2 pc6400
MoBo - ASRock 780gxe/128m
PSU - Viotek 550w
Video Card - Palit gts 450 (also available my broken* xfx 7950gt and 3x Pny Quadro fx3450)
Optical - 1x Sony DVD/RW and 1x NEC DVD/RW (both PATA)
HDDs - 1x WD 74gb 10k drive, 1x Seagate 750gb 7200rpm, 1x WD green caviar 1tb
Case - Thermaltake midsize atx tower (not sure the model but it looks like the docker without the top docks)

Sorry for the long post, please let me know if you have any questions
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    i suggest going sandybridge. for video editing i recommend i7-2600k, but your on a budget so get i5-2500k. any motherboard will do, find one that suites your needs. get 8gigs or DDR3, DDR3 is dirt cheep right now.

    you can get i5-2500k for $230, 8gigs of ram for around $40-$45, motherboard for maybe around $120-$170, thats around $400. if you can save up the extra $100 for i7-2600k i suggest doing so, otherwise the i5 will do just fine, but i7 is better for video editing

    upgrade you GPU later or when your budget allows. i5, mobo, and ram combo is a really good start. get high rated products. also i recommend getting a better power supply at the same time you get your GPU, 550w doesnt really cut it with a lot of modern cards. 750w is more towards what you need.
  2. everything else should work fine, but you might have to get new heat sink brackets to support socket 1155
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