How much ram is enough for a dedicated video card?

Is 64 MB Ram for dedicated video card AMD RAdeon 6300) enough for basic gaming with a decent video card?
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  1. No. By today's standards, the minimum that I would recommend for "gaming" is 512MB. I would recommend 1GB of GPU memory for most users. 64MB is way too little.
  2. 64 MB/128MB/256MB never exist nowadays, and it depends on your game and monitor resolution.... so 1 GB should serve you well.
    If you have an old system, you probably gonna need to upgrade it.
  3. The only Radeon 6300 I'm aware of is the 6300M which is a mobile chip. 1GB of dedicated ram for a 6300M is probably overkill. However, I don't know how much you really need. I know that my HD4200 came with 128MB of sideport memory (dedicated graphics RAM) and it also uses some of my regular memory. It still has problems with games at the World of Goo level (but they are playable). Since the 6300M is more advanced than the HD4200 you'll probably want at least 128MB of dedicated RAM.
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