Gpu at 10.5 max

ok guys heres what im dealing with,

i5 2500k, ga h61m-d2p-b3 mobo..(i know it sux)...8g ram now what i need its the videocard but i just take a measure and the max i can go its 10.5 length, money? if i really stretch maybe 175$

i find 1--- Asus nvidia ENGTX480 for 150 its worth?

need help ...cant play nothing till then:)
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  1. GTX 480 for $150 ? is it used ?
    anyway i would go for it with eyes closed.
  2. Don't put an unlocked processor on that mobo, you wouldn't be able to OC it. That's a sweet deal for a gtx 480 but make sure it is in good condition and that your PSU can handle it.
  3. i didnt know nothing about overclocking ...since i registered here :) i know p67 or z68....but hey till i gettin some more funds im stuck with the h61 board....
    and yes the gtx 480 it is used ...ok ill go for it i think psu its a 750w pc power and cooling, sli ready.

    if the deal its not coming on what other option i have in that 175$ for a 10.5 max length gpu?
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    get the GTX 480 it's stronger than the $175 solution.
  5. i will try to pull this deal off....thx for help ill get back if i made it.
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