PC wouldnt boot up until i cleared CMOS

I have just bought a pre-built PC and it has been working fine for 2 weeks. I was using it all day and then when i went to switch it on the next morning the only thing would should would be the motherboard logo with the option of going to the BIOS. However it would not let me access the BIOS by pressing delete or f2. I reset a couple times with still no luck and it would just go to a blank sceen. I have a Clear CMOS button on my motherboard at the back of the PC so i pressed this and it took me to the BIOS i clicked on boot normally and it now works.
Im not 100% sure what has happened and whether it will happen again. Can anyone help me out

My Hardware is:
CPU: Intel core i7 3820
Corsair H60 water cooler
Motherboard: ASUS ROG rampage IV Extreme
RAM: 16GB corsair 2133mhz vengeance
1tb hard drive
Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 2gb
PSU: 700w Xigmatek
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  1. Probably some program had changed a setting or a virus but it is fixed now. And you don't need to worry about that.
  2. Probably the CMOS got corrupted. Sometimes it happens with little reason especially on some OEM motherboards with buggy bioses.

    I wouldn't worry too much unless it happens again.
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