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Hello People,

I like listening to music on pc at high volume on headphones, i was using onboard audio amplified with some desktop speakers that had 3.5 mm jack output and could crank up the volume but those died away after about 5 years of use.
I invested in an ASUS Xonar DG as it has the much talked about headphone amp, but i`m not impressed.... On exiter mode it seems that it has the max output but does someone has an idea to make exciter mode even more exciting? Like modifying the software to force the card to give even more output power?
When on Headphone mode the amp has 3 levels, one loader than the other so I figure the driver is responsible for that. So does anybody have any ideas how to tweak the software / driver to squeesze everything out of the card.
Any help is well apreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Hearing such loud voice will damage your ears,buddy. May be,it has already damaged your ears and that may be the reason why you are not impressed by the high volume of the sound card. Software and Hardware comes with the maximum volume so that it won't damage your ears. Increasing it further is strictly not recommended. Take care of yourself.
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