GA-X79-UD3 BIOS problems, won't boot longenough to q-flash

Hello, help would be great!
well everything in my pc in basically brand new, the gpu (GTX 660, hdd and ram (G-SKILL RIPJAWS 8G) are 2 months old, and I just bought a new h80 water cooler, a ga-x79- ud3 motherboard, a xfx pro 850w power supply, and an i7 3820 processor.

Now my problem is, when I turn my computer on, the fans light up and spin, for about one second, and that continues for another 2 times and then it suddenly boots, gets to bios screen, where I can pick what I want from there, my keyboard doesn't work (Logitech g110) doesn't work, but it lights up, so there Is power getting to it but it doesn't work no matter what.
Then it gets to a "bios is corrupt screen, don't turn of your computer wait for this update, blah blah, I'm sure you guys will know what it means more then me, and then it updates, it gets to roughly 30% and then my computer turns off? Which is reaaaaaallly bugging me because its not even a day old, please tell me I haven't completely ruined anything haha..
I'm thinking I should take it into the store where I bought it from and tell them what's going on and hopefully they replace it or tell me what's wrong, but first i thought I should try this site! And if its just something really simple, hahaha

If I've missed anything just say and I'll answer it.
Thank you for your time
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  1. you need to debug it step by step .. and then consider to return it if problem still.
    firstly you can check it with only one dimm inserted .. if the bios can boot up your system .. directly go to bios screen and flash to the latest bios version .. it at least make sure you can fix all known problems ..
    you can check your kb by inserting it in the usb ports under lan .. just for a check if it works there .. good luck ~
  2. Hey berylLee, my computer can stay booted long enough so I can get to the bios screen, but I can't get into anything because it automatically goes to dualbios corrupt restorer thing, and the max before it logged off was 75% updated, so I can't do anything else beside order a new motherboard? because I cannot qflash or anything :|
  3. definitely your motherboard got bios problem and need rma check.
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