Ati 5850 crossfired.. ccc issues

So after much research (I had my ATI 5850's) crossfired w/a dual monitor and there was flickering. The problem was solved by turning off ccc overdrive. I'm nothing close to a pro but what does 'overdrive' do exactly and has ATI acknowledged these issues yet? Additionally will I get a screen flicker if I was to manually set the ccc controls for my cards to high settings? :o
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  1. Your cards must had been unstable during overclocking. Get Msi after burner, and tweek with your clock settings.
  2. But if I never oc'd them...? I'll download msi and goof around with some se ttings but not too sure how that coulda occurred.
  3. I think this is a known issue. If I remember right, it has something to do with the cards using the wrong BIOS setting at idle.
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