Does this ram look cheap?

so I have picked out these two ram sticks that have me intrigued please tell me if they look cheap and which ones to buy

more that two so sorry :P

so what i need to know if is there is better ram in this price range and if this will work well with a 3570k and which ram??? i heard that i have to overclock the 2133 myself? :/ and also the 1866 :O I dont know how to overclock and the last time i did my computer refused to post
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  1. Well native support is 1600MHz and the platform calls for 1.5volts.
  2. so then will i have to overclock it if i buy one that is more than 1600? do you think they will give any support to do this because im a noob with overclocking my ram and really dont want to because i can easily kill it(easier than cpu or gpu) and if it crashes... it doesnt boot
  3. If the ram is made for the target speed then it is easy to overclock it and nothing should happen to it. On the other hand trying to run ram at more speed than it is made for is difficult.
  4. so then if i just boost the clock speed up then it should just work i have to do nothing with the timing etc
  5. a higher clock usually need looser timings. just compare 1333 vs 1600, 1333 will usually have tighter timings.
    for this case, we cant have the cake and eat it too. it is possible with some luck and a lot of patience i guess
  6. Yes you will have to set the ram manually and timings as well as advertised on the ram.
  7. so then the ram will tell me how to do it?
  8. Of course they look cheap, but their price isn't as cheap as better Samsung memory.
  9. You set the advertised timings in BIOS as specified on your ram!
  10. ok... hey bryanl if you could get some links that would be great
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