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hola and hello! :) i am anew member here :) this is the first time i posted here...i just want to ask some opinions from the senior members. :) i want to build a low budget pc which is mainly used for surfing the internet and payed some new games...i have decided to buy o buy a ecs mcp61m-m3 v7.1 mobo,AMD sempron 145 cpu,msi N210 1GB DDR3 graphic card and 4 gb or ram,450 watt psu and 500gb of hard disk....i wanted to buy AMD phenom cpu later and upgrade it bits by bits..guys,do you think my hardware configuration is ok?can i play games like need for speed shift unleashed and DIRT3 with good graphic setting?kindly post your wise opinions here... :) and i appreciated it very3 much.... :)
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  1. i live in is hard to find good stuff here and the stuff here is too expensive compared to the other countries..i already have that stuff..i have a logitech mouse,speakers and keyboards..i also have samsung 15 inch lcd..the only thing that i do not have is a cpu..and that is the only thing that i want to build..i do not know how much the budget since i do not know how many dollars for my currencies here..the only thing that i knew is the name and the model of the hardware that i wanted to it my hardware that i choose is good?i know some of the stuff that i choose is a low quality parts..but i do not mind because i just want to use it for a short time...can you help me out here?
  2. 1 US dollar is about 3 malaysian ringgit. Is there a website you buy your parts from?
  3. If your budget can handle it, I would recommend at least a dual core processor for gaming. The Nvidia 210 is a very weak card for gaming at anything but very low resolutions and little eye candy. If possible, look into a card that has 1GB memory and at least the equivalent of a GT 440 or HD 5550. On a 15" monitor (1024x768?) you will be good.,3107-7.html
  4. i only have a very limited is only about 600 ringgit Malaysia(RM).. :ange: this pc will be mainly used to surf the web and just to do a little bits of documentation..but,i also want to play some new LIKE dirt3 g with a medium settings..i am not a hardcore gamer..i will play it just for fun and not seriously..because the MAIN AIM for me to build this pc is only for documentation and web surfing... :) this is the pricelist...
    from the price list,i want these parts:
    AMD sempron 145 cpu,
    ECS MCP6IM-M3V71 mobo,
    MSI N210 1GB DDR3 GPU,
    I have bought 2GB of DDR3 ram..
    will this parts suit my need and desire?
    price for all that part that i chose is only cost RM 371 malaysia ringgit..i knew that all that stuff that i chose i alow quality parts...but i do not mind because i will be using this pc for a short time..about 6 months before a new ones arrived..for the cpu,i will upgrade it to ATHLON x2 cpu..but,i will upgared it bits by bits within that six has opinions? :)
  5. The system you listed will be perfectly good for all basic computing and web surfing. Not a problem. Only 2GB of memory will mean a lot of off loading to disk when doing more than one task, but will be OK if you don't mind the wait.

    If your monitor resolution is only 1024x768, then the N210 and the lowly Sempron might run today's games at low/mid specs with satisfactory frame rates. But, yes, upgrade to an Athlon dual core and a bit more graphics card when you can.
  6. As you stated that you are planning to play some new games,(and even.if you.are not going to)I would recommend not to go for an old and very low end CPU.When you upgrade,you may have to put the old parts aside. So,I recommend to choose a newer generation(need not be a high-end one)CPU and stick to on-die graphics. And in the future,when you plan to upgrade,you can buy a dedicated graphics card. And if you run out of money,do some sacrifices such as opting less storage and RAM,as you can use them along side when you upgrade in the future. And for your budget,simply tell the maximum amount that you can pay for your build.(consider that $1 is approximately 3 malaysian ringgits)
  7. sempron is not for gaming.
    And that card is also bad for games that you have listed even at low resolution and low settings.
    Dirt3 use dx11 and thus will refuse to run on n210 gpu as it only support upto dx10.

    Instead of going through a series of upgradation of , better way is to buy a good cpu+mobo kit now and gpu in future.
  8. i have found that my screen resolutions is 1280 x 1024..not 1024 x about this card,HD5450 from sapphire....or the HD6450 from Gigabyte..which one is better?can it suit to that ECS mobo/will it run good with that sempron cpu?i will overclock that cpu because from what i see on the internet,if the sempron cpu is overclock,it wll perform like ATHLON x2 cpu..can you guys give an opinion about this?can it run DIRT3 and nfs shift unleaseashed with medium settings? :pt1cable:
  9. and one more,i have many IDE hard disk and DVD reader..i think i will be a waste if i am not going to use it..can i use that IDE hard disk?i know that my new system will use SATa...I have found a converter that can turn IDE to SATA...can i use it?and what is the good wattages for me to use?i do not want to spend alot of money to this pc because i only will be using it for a short time..hope you guys can give some opinions...
  10. you will get 10fps or less with that cpu+gpu.
    I played nfs shift on a cpu with 2times the performance than that sempron and with a gpu having 10x performance than that card and i got only around 30fps.

    Ok tell us how much is your budget for gpu+cpu+ram+motherboard?
  11. thanks for replying!i already have a 2gb rams..i only want to spend about RM500 (malaysia ringgit) for the GPU,MOBO and the CPU..i know that its a tight budget..i only want alow quality parts since I AM GOING TO USE IT FOR 6 can get the pricelist here:
  12. Best answer
    g620 at 173 (i3-2100 is only 30% faster than this in multithreading and only 20percent in single threaded, but costs double)
    (also g620 is around 180percent faster than that sempron, so in my choice g620 is giving best bang for your money and also no need to upgrade it for awhile)
    with ecsH61H2-M3 at 163
    equals 338
    and its inbuild gpu is able to handle nfsmw,nfs underground, hot persuit at high settings, and mw2,mw3,burnout paradise at low settings.
    Here are some gameresults with g620 without a gfx card.
    and wait for new gpus as they will use less power and thus no need to buy a heavy duty psu.
    What ya say!?
  13. US $99.99-Phenom 960T has about 80% chance of unlocking to 6 core
    US-$50-100 take your pick of a decent AM3+ motherboard for future compatibility
    US-$110.00 Radeon 7750 GPU

    This rig will SMOKE a dual core with onboard graphics set-up (for less $$ :)
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  15. wow! :na: this is awesome!and its cheap too! :sarcastic: i can use this integrated graphic for a while!but,one question..this cpu will outperform athlon x2 right? but the mhz is 2.6 mhz..can it pass through the athlon x2 that is 3.0 mhz?if i overclock it,what is the highest mhz that i can get from it?man... i am so excited to buy that stuff you recommend to me right now! :D
  16. thanks for your opinions man! :) but i am using intel cpu because i think it is more reliable than amd....i appreciate your opinions very2 much! :) i hope you have a nice day with your family and kids man! :) thanks for sharing your opinions! :)
  17. that cpu is equal to a phenom 2 x2 at 4ghz.
    And igpu is around hd4200 series.
    You can't overclock that g620 cpu, but there is no need to do that.
    You can overclock the inbuilt gpu of that cpu.
  18. roy james said:
    thanks for your opinions man! :) but i am using intel cpu because i think it is more reliable than amd....i appreciate your opinions very2 much! :) i hope you have a nice day with your family and kids man! :) thanks for sharing your opinions! :)

    btw, i am a kid too
  19. hello! :hello: there is one last question that i want to ask....about the psu..can 430 watt psu capable of this harware configuration?just for a while...hope you can reply to me..anyway,thanks a lot! :)
  20. For what you listed, a good quality 450W PSU should be no problem. Here is a PSU calculator you can use to verify:
  21. thanks!it said 299 watts overall..what does it means?can i get your wise opinions sir? currently i have 430 watts psu?is it capable enough?
  22. If you used the calculator and it totaled 299W, then it means you would need a PSU that can deliver that much continuously. Your 430W PSU is OK.
  23. since you are not using a graphics card now, so even a 200w psu is enough. And with a gpu like hd7750 a 250-300w psu is enough.
    So definately your current psu is enough. You only need around 10A on 12v now and 15-20A with a gpu like hd7750.
  24. hi!i want to ask something!my friend want to sell to me this gpu..NVIDIA GEFORCE MSI 210GT 1gb ddr3 64 bit....he selling this gpu very3,i want to it good for me to use?will my graphic increase?but,from what i knew,this card is not really will only bottleneck my cpu..that is what i think..can i get your wise opinions?anyone?
  25. definately no
    that gpu is near or less powerfull than igpu of g620
    also, you can try that card on your machine and can compare that to igpu of g620 before buying.

    streach your budget and try to get hd7xxx or gtx6xx gpu (like hd77xx)
  26. thanks for you wise opinion!at least i am not wasting my money...:)i want to ask,how to find a good graphic card?how to differentiate the graphic card?i am so confused because there are a lot of choice and that makes me really confuse...
  27. lots of googling is the key.
    i use to compare different benchmarks of different gpus and if benchmarks of certaing card is nnt available then i compare them with other cards with same architecture (core) and different amount of cores (like hd6850 have 2xhd6670 cores but a little slower per core in refrence design and same memory with 2x bandwidth in hd6850, that mean hd6850 is theoriticaly equal to 2xhd6670).
    Also by comparing my pc's gpu too.
  28. i see..but,for a while,this is the card that i am going to buy,which one is good?
    HD5570,HD5670,HD6450..which one is better?
  29. of those
    hd5670 is better
    or get hd6670 as it is around hd5670 in price and better in performance.
    But my choice is hd7750

    hd6450 is of no use
  30. today,there is a guy offered me to buy his Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1gb ddr5..actually,i have managed to stretch my budget on graphic card..he said that this card is alot better because it is ddr5 and 1gb of size..he offered me that card and that make me really want it because it is ddr5 and 1gb..that looks very 'delicious' to me...:)but,since i do not know nothing about graphic card,it is better for me to ask you wise opinions agains..sorry..:( me please!!!!i afraid that gpu will be sold to the others..please..reply to me as soon as possible!!!!!!:(help!!:(
  31. this is the picture of the card that guy want to sell to me...
  32. as igpu are enough to beat or match ddr3 card so ddr5 1gb is now standard in graphics cards.
    Size of vram matters only in multiple displays and high resolution.

    How much you are paying for that card?
    It is available in market for less than 100$
  33. so,what do you think?should i take that card?i am a noobs..:(do not know anything...i am going to pay him RM270(ringgit malaysia)do not know how to convert to us dollar?should i take it?
  34. that means US90$

    you only streached your budget by 7rm only.

    that card is available in the list you posted above and costs 419rm or 136$
    and non vapor x is only at 358rm or 116$
    they differ by only 25mhz and cooling solution.

    Tell me that how much you want to invest in graphics card and what types of games you want to play now, list them all so as to decide on the basis of that if buy it or wait.

    But i am leaning towards wait or buy that for 250rm as it is getting cheap every day
  35. btw which psu yot are using (model), and what are the wattage and current rating at 12v of that psu.
  36. i found some more deals on ebay.
    Hd6770 for rm200
  37. hey!the card that on ebay is cheap!:)i can afford that!i am willing to spend rm300 on i am using AVF psu,model PS450-F12V..The current rating is -0.8 v...i think i can buy anew psu if i am going to change card,i will buy the 550watt psu..i wnt to -play games like dirt3 and nfs shift unleashed,nfs the run and hot pursuit...i am using 1280x1024 monitor..i am going to wait for your opinios because i have built this pc using your recommendations...:)and its good!!!:)
  38. so is your friend is ready to sell that card in 250rm, if yes then you can grab that and can invest some money in a new psu (if old one is not sufficent) or can grab that card from ebay?

    To run that card in your pc, you need atleast 20A on 12V that means 200-250w at 12v.

    I have played hotpersuit and you can play that without a graphics card at high settings, for rest of all you need a card to play at high settings.
    You can play all of them except d3 on current igpu at low settings.

    The rating you posted is not the current rating of that psu, post a pic of lable of that psu.
  39. yay!:)i will take that graphic card!i will change my psu..sorry,i am anoobs..did not know how to read that..:(hey dude,thank you very3 much!!!!:):)i owe you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)you have help one asian guy who is in big trouble to build his dream gaming pc..although my budget is small,but you have help me a lot!!thank you so much!!!!!i appreciate that very3 much!!!thanks!!!keep up your good and noble job!!!:)thank you!!!!!:):):)
  40. hey pal!:)did you still remember me?:)i am a man that want to build a low budget pc and you have help me alot!:)thanks again!!!:)but,i just want to ask one question,is the g620 processor is locked?i mean the overclocking abilty...and how to overclocked the integrated gpu?can you give me a little explanation?anyway,thanks a lot friends!:)
  41. g620 is locked, and thus you cannot overclock its cpu.
    But you can overclock its gpu, the dvd of motherboard will have drivers and overclocking utility with other free/trial utilities too, so you can use that to overclock the integreted gpu.
    If you are using a dedicated gpu (graphics card) then the inbuilt gpu will not work (it is normal) and you can overclock that card with the software that you will find in dvd.
    If you perchased any of those hd6770 then you can overclock them via ccc or via sapphire trixx.
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