Evga Z68 SLI Serious problem

I've recently bought an Evga z68 sli motherboard, everything is plugged in right because I've done countless checks. The problem is that the motherboard won't power up, I get a lights on the motherboard saying that there is power flowing through it, but when I click the power on button on the motherboard, nothing. This means no fans are spinning and I don't get any boot up message on my monitor. My parts are an over clocked i7 processor, a zero infinity phantom night, 8GB of RAM, 500W psu, an ASUS 7750 HD and a 128gb ssd, please help me, I need to get this fixed.
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  1. Is the 4 or 8-pin power cable connected to the motherboard?
  2. Yeah it is
  3. Then it might be a power supply issue. Here's a test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FWXgQSokF4
  4. Nope, I did the test and the PSU fan span fine, but when I plug it in, still nothing.......
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