New graphic card beside 9600gt


I want to change my 9600gt for my:
AMD AM2 X2 5000+
4GB DDR2 PC6400
Gigabyte 550W

I know its little old but I want your suggestion for a new graphic card about 200$ ???

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  1. The best card for your money would be a 560 ti. You can find some of them on newegg for $220 with a $20 rebate. This card will perform much better than a non ti 560 for only $10 more after the rebate.

    If you need it to be under the $200 then a 560 would also be a good choice but keep in mind that it will not give you the same performance as the ti version will, it is basically just a 460 that runs cooler.
  2. That CPU is already bottlenecking your 9600GT. If you upgrade the graphics card you wont see much of a difference due to being limited by your CPU. Upgrade your CPU first. You will need a CPU and motherboard upgrade as that motherboard doesnt support any recent CPU's. Probably ram also as new motherboards only support DDR3.
  3. I would go for a AMD 6950, Depending of the brand they have more ram for the price and if get lucky it can be unlocked.

    Some benchmarks:
  4. I agree with iam2the crowe, you should update your CPU, motherboard and RAM in order to not experience a bottleneck. Your best best would probably be an i3 2100 (some would go for a Phenom II but a recent Tom's article showed that the i3 was better in most circumstances even though it didn't have 4 cores) with 4GB (maybe 8GB since RAM is so cheap). After that, focus on a new graphics card. We need to know your budget. I know you said $200 for a graphics card (which is a good price point) but would you be willing to spend a bit more for new guts? Anyway a 6850 or better will definitely bottleneck your system (a 560Ti would be equivalent to a 6950). If you want to keep your current motherboard, CPU and RAM then I would suggest a 6770.
  5. +1 to iam2thecrowe. Your PC is pretty much balanced as it is. Putting in a new $200+ graphics card will barely increase your performance by 10%.

    If you really want a GPU upgrade before the rest, go for a HD6770. Frame rates might not increase much, but atleast you'll have Dx11.
  6. Save your money and BUILD your next gaming PC, really, it would be wasting money to put $200 card on that PC...
    Well, if you can find cheap GT250 or HD4850 then it's a good upgrade from 9600GT.
  7. thanks my friends for answering

    ok for upgrading my system 500$ for new M/B & CPU & rams & GPU
    can i get a good parts
  8. For MoBo look for the new standards: USB 3, SATA 3, DDR3.

    In AMDs search for AM3+ socket. The FM1 socket is for office like rigs.

    In Intel a Socket B (LGA 1366) will home the Intel proccesors for entusiast.

    For procesor you can´t beat intel raw performance but AMD gives you more for your money. 8 cores are a lot of computing power.
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