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Hello Tom's folks,
I'm looking through for a good mid grade Intel based board and chip-set for office use with good on-board graphics but allows for 2 PCIe x16 slots. Also, I wondered if the boards will let me run video from both on-board and PCIe video outputs at the same time? I need some versatility I have had this work on some boards but not others where I could run displays from both on-board and add-on cards without any trouble. But lately the Dell BIOS settings has forced this as non-functional.

The last Dell I just got last week is so disappointing when I looked in the case. No heat sinks on the chip sets just bare. The 3 Dells in the office I opened up that the motherboard completely failed had the same thing, no heat sinks on the chip sets.
Overall Even the keyboards and mice shipped with this $1600 Dell Optiplex were so low grade they were inferior to the ones I got with 3 $200 Optiplex refurb PC's the month before.
Needless to say, with Dell being bought by Merrill Lynch soon and going from public to private I have some concerns. I am actually considering building instead of OEM's due to the poor quality for the money I have seen with HP & Dell as of late. The prices even tell me its worthwhile because of the amount of junk software removal I have to do anyhow. Plus the look internally of these OEM's are really cheap low quality hardware. Doing IT work on systems where a small-mid level company has purchased in small quantities for a long time means there really isn't many duplicate systems. So imaging drives isn't a concern. Maintaining OEM disks was not kept up with either in some cases as well. So building could actually come out ahead for the investment and performance. My main concern is durable longevity from the resources spent.

I've been building since 1995. I just built an older socket 775 quad-core 2.5 GHz on an Intel DG43RK board and I love the performance for the money. I'd put it up against this Dell i5 Core 3.4 GHz right now. Both running SSD's and the older unit kicks the Dells butt in the Windows score hands down. I'm shaking my head.
Thanks for any advice. :pt1cable:
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  1. Hello... I have been upgrading E-machines with this motherboard... Gigabyte Technology GA-H61M-DS2H rev 21 LGA 1155 Motherboard... Takes the Intel G up to I7 processors... and has D-SUB and HDMI onboard out... USB and PS2 keyboard/mouse connectors...realtek sound/Lan... PCIE 16x and 1x slots... MAX 16gig DDR3... No SATA3 or USB3.

    No complaints or breakdowns yet.
  2. Is that a left mounted or right mounted board?
    My biggest problem with the OEM's is finding a board that will fit without more mods like case & PSU.
    I have however debated on replacing the case and Mobo at times but then the OEM License is void for the OS.
    And the PSU is proprietary in almost every case as well. sigh....
    Just rebuilt an Acer quad core making my own OEM Win 7 Pro disk for it this evening.
    Worked like a charm, even has the branding.
    Someone before me formatted it with XP Pro when it shipped with 7 because they couldn't figure out compatible software installations lol!
    They never had the OS disks either.
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